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sydneypicbwToday I have the pleasure of welcoming Sydney Somers, author of the Pendragon Gargoyle, and Spellbound series. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today.

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Welcome to PNRLovers, Sydney.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a busy mom and romance author with a weakness for sexy alpha males and kickass heroines. When I’m not writing about characters falling in love, fighting for their lives or firing off witty one-liners, I’m either hanging around online, fast-talking my way into a gourmet meal, or hiding from my kids while I try to devour the last few pages of the book I’m reading. Oh and I love wine. Red wine. I tend to post a lot of wine jokes on Facebook 🙂


You currently have (22?) books out. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently if you had to start over again?

Well I definitely wouldn’t have spent my first couple years just rewriting the same 5 chapters over and over again. 🙂 So I definitely remind myself that perfection doesn’t exist. Reading is a really subjective experience, so obsessing over every word or character trait or plot twist until you feel great about every detail doesn’t mean everyone who reads it is going to feel the same way, so it’s best to avoid getting caught in that vicious cycle if possible.


Can you tell us more about your series?

I may have gotten a little addicted to writing series a few years back. I have three of them on the go, and one (non PNR) that was written as part of a series with three other authors. My Pendragon Gargoyle series (my best selling one) has a little bit of different spin on shapeshifters with a little Arthurian Legend thrown in. They have lots of heat and action. If you like more suspense and light paranormal then you may want to to check out my Spellbound series which features the Calder family and they run a private investigation company. Lots of tension, sexy cops, spies and loads of sexual tension 🙂 And if you like PNR books where the humans are stronger/faster and have to face their demons, inside and out, then you might want to pick up something from my Shadow Destroyers series.


Can you give us a rundown of your typical writing day?

What kind of schedule works for you? When my kids were really little I used to be a night owl and write to well after midnight a lot of nights. Now with my kids are all in school, I try to start writing the moment my kids are out the door and until early afternoon when they start rolling back in. My days are much more productive now that school is back in. My writing summers are a lot like this:


Tell us about your Primal series. The covers are dark looking, but so captivating. Do you consider your stories darker than many PNR romances?

Not really. I like a lot of action in between the sexy bits, so I would say they may have more of an edge to them than some PNR, but aside from a few dark moments in the books, I wouldn’t classify them as dark PNR. But then most writers aren’t the best judges of their own work, so I guess I like to leave that stuff to the readers to decide 🙂 But if you like action-filled page-turning romances with shifters who are a little tortured and determined to fight their attraction to their mates, even though they’d die to protect them, then you might want to check out my gargoyles (not to be confused with the winged type) *g*


Don't-Let-Go200x300Other than famous authors and industry professionals, who inspires you to write?

Do the voices in my head count? Seriously, they never shut up and nothing sells the “crazy writer” label like being in line at a store and catching yourself talking out loud about some random scene that just flashed in your head. 🙂 I do find music to be very inspirational and if I’m struggling with words some days (probably most days at some point) then listening to a song from my book playlist or catching something random on the radio usually gets things flowing again.


What, in your opinion makes shifters such sexy creatures that PNR readers just can’t seem to get enough of?

I think it has a lot to do with the whole acting on instinct thing that is incredibly sexy and appealing. And that innate protective vibe, that they’d do anything to cherish and protect those they love. Who doesn’t want to be desired, protected and loved? 🙂


And now for the silly… your books feature some pretty kick ass heroines. Which of your heroines most accurately reflects you personality-wise?

Which do you most relate to? I think there’s a little to relate to in all of them. They’re all strong and often times sarcastic women. But if I had to guess, I’d say I’d be the closest to a cross between Emma (Primal Pleasure) and Briana (Primal Temptation) with a little bit of Bree (Don’t Let Go) thrown in.


Do you have anything specific that you’d like to say to your readers, or to new readers just finding you?

Take a chance. Roll the dice and pick up one of my books (a few of them are only .99) and see for yourself if I’m a PNR author with a backlist you could devour. I’ve had some readers say they didn’t even think they liked PNR books after reading my contemporary romance and couldn’t believe how much they enjoyed it. So even if one of my books sounds too different, check out the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and give me a try. Plus, I do have a free light PNR book called Jungle Heat I’m giving away for free over on my website.


PrimalInstinctCover320What’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

Right now I’m trying to finish up Primal Bounty (the 6th Pendragon Gargoyle book) and get it released before my readers start boycotting for me taking so long with this one. I hope the wait will be worth it. After that…I’m still up in the air since I’ve got two other things started, along with half a dozen other ideas that may hijack my imagination as soon as I wrap things up with Primal Bounty.


We’d love to see an excerpt of you work. Do you have one you could share?

This is actually the opening scene (unedited) from my upcoming book, Primal Bounty, but I think it gives a little taste of the series overall. (See below)


An Excerpt from Primal Bounty

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in…

Elena, daughter of the House of Lamorak, glanced down at the muddy wolf prints leading up the steps of her Malibu home and sighed.

At least the place was still standing, and considering the price she’d paid for her homey ocean view, she really wanted to keep it that way. But what she really didn’t want—or have time for—was to deal with another backwards, bounty-hunting moron who didn’t know his crossbow from his claws and hadn’t gotten the memo she no longer had a price on her head.

She scanned the immediate area even though the slow curl of magic humming under her skin gave no indication she was being watched.

Could be her furry squatter was working for someone else she’d pissed off, and the list wasn’t exactly short. As if it was her fault other immortals continued to underestimate her power because she was only two hundred years old.

She’d been behaving—the word almost made her shudder—for her twin’s sake, but turning over a new leaf wasn’t as easy as the silver-lining types liked to think. And convincing other people was just plain exhausting.

Plans of slipping into a hot bath and her favorite comfy PJ’s crashed and burned in the face of the tracks that stopped at her door. If her four-legged trespasser hadn’t skedaddled, she was turning the wolf’s pelt into her very own throw rug for getting in the way of a glass of wine, buttery popcorn and the Netflix marathon she had planned.

Whatever gargoyle stopped by possessed some serious balls or figured they could pull off the stray dog look in wolf form at night. The latter was almost too much of an insult for any gargoyle to bother.

In Elena’s experience, gargoyles were ruled entirely too much by their animal natures, and were either griping about the curse that trapped them in their stone form during the day or sniffing out mates that gave the shapeshifter a way to somewhat control their curse.

Which begged the question what brought one of them to her front door?

With the human race ignorant to the existence of gargoyles and other immortals, only those high up on the Avalon food chain risked roaming the street in animal form and pressing their luck Rhiannon’s huntresses. Few wanted to attract goddess’ attention or that of her fearless—some might say crazy—warrior women who policed the immortal population, ensuring that Avalon and the legend of King Arthur remained a myth.

Although Elena had pissed off her share of immortals—okay more than her share—she couldn’t imagine many gargoyles reckless enough to confront her in the open and risk permanent retribution from a huntress.

Unless they didn’t have anything to lose.

Elena shivered, her skin pulling tight at the chill that raced up her spine. With another glance over her shoulder, she tried the door knob. Still locked. Too bad that didn’t reassure her that no one was lying in wait inside.

With a wave of her hand, the lock released and she stepped inside.

Paused on the threshold, she felt the protective threads of magic still intact. Barriers were for the weak in her experience, people unable to protect themselves the way she could, but after another sorcerer had used her as leverage to get to Emma, she decided an early warning system couldn’t hurt.

Not that there weren’t ways around the barriers, she mused a minute later after spotting half a muddy print on the floor. Her gargoyle trespasser had not only let himself inside, he had shifted back to human.

And he was likely naked.


With a sigh, she set her bags down and strode into her living room. No one was waiting to pounce on her. Upstairs maybe? She checked the kitchen first, rolling her eyes at the sight of the open carton of eggs and leftover cut peppers on the counter next to the used frying pan.

Serious balls.

A glimpse of white stopped her from crossing back to the stairs. She snatched up the fluffy white towel and glared outside.

Food and a swim in her pool? If the guy had so much as looked at her bed…

The sliding door opened under the power of the magic coursing close to the surface. Her heels clicked over the stone patio. She immediately caught sight of the naked man gliding beneath the water, his powerful frame unmistakable despite the distortion left in the wake of his laps.

Freaking laps.

A dark head finally surfaced at the edge of the pool by her feet. An achingly familiar ice-blue gaze slowly slid upward to meet hers.

“Hello, Ivy.”

Ignoring the seductive magic that whispered through her head like the most tempting of drugs, she went with an old school approach to Vaughn’s unexpected appearance.

She put her foot on his head and shoved him back under the water.


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Thank you for the awesome interview, Sydney. I look forward to reading your next book.

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