Love Letters from your Favorite Romance Heroes Featuring Authors Rachel Leigh Smith, Sylvina Storm & Lisa Carlisle

Love letters from your favorite romance heroes!

Do you ever read a romance novel and wish you could revisit your favorite couples to see how they’re doing? Well, now is your chance! Take a look at the beautiful love letters from our sexiest heroes to their sweethearts!

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My beautiful Fae,

I told myself I wasn’t going to fall in love again. Ever. It’ll hurt too much to lose you, and My Name is A'YenI’m not sure I can survive that again. Losing Master was like having my heart ripped out one cell at a time. To have you taken from me would make me wish for that happiness.

You see, Fae, you’ve made it into places in my heart he never touched. Places I didn’t know existed. Places that are dangerous for a Loks male to acknowledge. I stay quiet to protect you, to keep you safe.

Even writing this letter—that you’ll never see because I’m burning it when I’m done, and I’m not sure you can read my language anyway—puts you in danger. There are people who don’t want this planet to be Lok’ma. And they’ll stop at nothing to make sure everything you’ve found remains buried.

I can’t let that happen. I can’t let you be destroyed. I can’t go back to Titan or Athen with you, and return to being a slave after I’ve learned we were once free. I never really believed the stories before you. Now? I know in my soul they’re true. Not just because you’ve found the proof, but because I found you.

One day, maybe I’ll work up the nerve to tell you everything I’ve let the bastard do to me. When I do, remember this: I would do it again, and again, and again, and again.

You’re worth everything to me, Fae. Even my life. I told you not long after you bought me that you might own my body but you’d never own my soul. I was kinda sorta wrong. I want to give you the only thing I have to give—my heart.

It’s yours, Fae. Forever. I’m yours. Forever.

All my love,


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Love Bites Storm ImageBefore they can capture her heart, they must first set her free.


I grew up listening to stories about soulmates. After spending the last ten years as a test subject, I never thought I’d be free to find mine. You’d think discovering I had two would be twice the blessing, but it turned out to be double the trouble instead.


I’d been content with Daniel as my soulmate. Imagine my surprise when we found Macaela was our third. If only Daniel would learn to settle down before he scares her off, we can finally have the family I’d always thought lost to me.


Infiltrating a government lab was easy. Keeping my cool after finding out they were using my Setah as a test subject was impossible. Changing everything I am for my lovers might very well destroy me.

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 Antoine was born a gargoyle shifter in the late 1800s before he was forced to become a vampire. Although he’s learned to communicate in modern times, he prefers writing by hand, especially letters. Here’s a letter he wrote to Savannah, a young poet who came to his art colony and became his lover in the Chateau Seduction series, which begins with Antoine’s story in Darkness Rising and continues with Savannah’s in Dark Velvet.


My Dearest Savannah,

Tomorrow will be our first Valentine’s Day together. The first one I’ve looked forward to in over a century because I’ll share it with you. Before you even arrived at the Chateau, I sensed a connection. Something about your words reached me. And when I first saw you, I became besotted.

I have something special planned for us tomorrow evening. When you wake, head into my library. You’ll find a box with your name on it. Open it and follow the instructions to the location of the next box. By the time I wake that evening, I’m quite certain you will be as eager for what I have planned as I look forward to it.

Remember, my dear. Patience. Enjoy the anticipation as it builds. As I will as I await your arrival.

Forever my love. Forever my heart.


Darkness Rising

Part 0.5 of Chateau Seductions

Love Bites Carlisle ImageAntoine Chevalier harbors a secret. Born a gargoyle shifter, he wants nothing more than to cultivate his art. His hard work pays off the night he completes his greatest sculpture. But the excitement of his accomplishment doesn’t last.

He’s drawn the eye of the wrong group—a clan of vampires. Antoine wakes into darkness, changed. Shattered. His dream of becoming a renowned sculptor is destroyed.

One question remains—how will he ever survive an eternity of darkness alone?

Darkness Rising is part 0.5 of the Chateau Seductions series by USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Carlisle. Readers have requested more on the dark and mysterious Antoine. In this short story, Antoine tells his tale, which continues in the series with Dark Velvet. Dark Velvet is written from Savannah’s perspective as a newcomer to an art colony who is intrigued by the proprietor.


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  1. I would love to see a group of authors get together and publish a book of these love letters. I am sure there are enough out there to fill up a book. (they could even add the book title for each letter like you did here.) I know I would buy it.

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