New Paranormal Romance Book Release from Clara Winter- Deepest Midnight: Book One of the Immortal Kindred Series!


Today’s Featured New Paranormal Romance release is the newest from Clara Winter- Deepest Midnight, the first book in the Immortal Kindred series! You can learn more about the book below along with links where you can purchase it. Thanks for visiting!

paranormal romance book deepest midnight by clara winter
Deepest Midnight: Book One of the Immortal Kindred Series
by Clara Winter
Available from
True love never dies.

At least, it doesn’t for Millicent, a once French noblewoman turned immortal vampire. The love of her life is murdered before she became immortal. Forever is a long time to live in despair. Two hundred forty years later, she locks eyes with an English actor, who happens to look exactly like her dead lover.

Sadness turns to happiness as Millicent and Jack find passion in each other’s arms. Their fling quickly turns serious as Millicent finds happiness once again—and possibly her one true love.

However, their relationship becomes complicated by her own uncertainty, Jack’s mortality, and the other man in Millicent’s life, Alexandre, her maker and companion. When Alexandre puts his foot down, Millicent must decide if she’s going to continue to be led by others or take the reins and drive the outcome of her life.

Deepest Midnight is set in modern day Savannah, Ga with occasional glimpses back to 18th century France. This is the first book in The Immortal Kindred Series.

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