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paranormal romance book were all thieves dyrion knight
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New Paranormal Romance Book Release from Dyrion Knight – We’re All Thieves (Blood Bound Book 1)!


Today’s Featured New Paranormal Romance release is the newest from author, Dyrion Knight – We’re All Thieves, the first book in hot Blood Bound series! You can learn more about the book below along with links where you can purchase it. Thanks for visiting!

paranormal romance book were all thieves dyrion knight
We’re All Thieves: A Hot Paranormal Romance (Blood Bound Book 1)
by Dyrion Knight
Available from

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Steal an heirloom. Steal a ship. Steal a glance. Steal a kiss…

Skylar D’Apra is a pirate with a plan:

First: Capture Jag Harver—the reckless thief who stole the Crest of Miracles (the most powerful relic in the realm)—and return him to the Ruling Council to suffer whatever fate he finds.

Second: Use her reward money to sail away with the makings of her very own fleet. To tame the seas and conquer undiscovered lands.


Or so it seems until the day she actually captures the infamous Jag Harver and he turns out to be as devious, delicious and intoxicating as the rumours suggest. And it looks like the relic he stole may actually be safer in his hands than anywhere else…

Skylar swore she wouldn’t get tangled up in magic, mayhem and the madness of monsters. She vowed to claim the seas as her home and live on another day. But now something darker is calling, veering her off track, and it all began with that damned, Jag Harver.

Don’t miss this salaciously steamy pirate romance with daring damsels, cutthroat renegades and battles of men and monsters. If you loved hit TV show, Black Sails, you’ll love We’re All Thieves.

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