paranormal romance book heartsbridge shifters by olivia arran
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New Paranormal Romance Book Release from Olivia Arran – Heartsridge Shifters: Owen (The Protectors Book 1)


Today’s Featured New Paranormal Romance release is the new release from Olivia Arran called Heartsridge Shifters: Owen, the first entry of her brand-new series, The Protectors! You can learn more about the book below along with links where you can purchase it. Thanks for visiting!

paranormal romance book heartsbridge shifters by olivia arran
Heartsridge Shifters: Owen (The Protectors Book 1)
by Olivia Arran
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Book #1 in a brand new Heartsridge Shifters series from USA Today bestselling author Olivia Arran.

Alpha wolf shifter Owen Robson knows exactly what he wants and he has a plan all worked out: stay calm, use his charm, and the woman of his dreams will melt into his arms.

Yeah, he might have underestimated his fated mate. When it comes to Bree, self-control evades him. But he’s determined to win her over and uncover her secrets, because if he doesn’t, she’ll run. Or fly. What the hell was fate thinking, pairing a wolf with a dragon?

Dragon shifter Briana followed the leader of the rogues to the shifter town of Heartsridge because he needed her help. But that’s all sorted now, so why is she still here? Any dragon with a spark of sense would have flapped wings and hauled glittery butt out of here, but… no. Not her.

Yes, she’s tired of running and hiding. And she’s made new friends. So, obviously, it can’t be a certain stubborn alpha wolf keeping her here. Right?

Throw in:
A patronizing alpha dragon sticking his snout in.
A surprising career change.
A new lead on an old enemy.
Way too much pressure to become a registered shifter.

Okay, having a big, strong alpha wolf on her side might be a good thing. Oh, and he’s insanely hot. That helps, too.

**This full length novel takes place after the South-One Bears series, but you do not have to read the previous series to enjoy this book. Each book features a different couple and their happy ever after. Also included: naughty language, fully realized love scenes, and big, burly shifters who only have eyes for their fated mates.**

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