paranormal romance book destroy sandra r neeley
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New Paranormal Romance Book Release from Sandra R Neeley- Destroy (Whispers From the Bayou Book 2)!


Today’s Featured New Paranormal Romance release is the newest from best-selling author, Sandra R Neeley- Destroy, the second book in the popular Whispers From the Bayou series! You can learn more about the book below along with links where you can purchase it. Thanks for visiting!

paranormal romance book destroy sandra r neeley
Destroy (Whispers From the Bayou Book 2)
by Sandra R Neeley
Available from
Destroy is beautiful, strong, charismatic and Gargoyle. He is also selfish, shallow, petty and jealous — or is he?

One misunderstanding centuries ago resulted in him being labeled untrustworthy and self-serving. To hell with them, he knew who he really was! And now he’s found the female to spend eternity with. If he can keep her alive long enough to prove that he’s worthy and that she’s not evil – he may have a shot at this “mate” thing.

Rowan has a power old as time, it’s killed to protect her. It’s evil, and draws more evil to her. She can never let her guard down or let anyone in. The hunters stalk her still, seeking revenge. But she loves him – the Gargoyle who insists she’s good.

Maybe it’s time to accept her birthright, claim what is hers before denial of who she is sends her headlong to her own blazing death.

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