paranormal romance book - sebastian
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New Paranormal Romance Book Releases from Angelique Armae and T. S. Ryder!


Today’s new paranormal romance book releases include the newest from T. S. Ryder and Angelique Armae. You can learn more about each book below along with links where you can purchase each book. Thanks for visiting!

paranormal romance book - sebastian
Sebastian (Immortal Valentine 1)
by Angelique Armae
Available from
A supernatural criminal profiler…

Sophie Gates had one New Year’s resolution…then came along Hell’s darkest bad boy, Sebastian Valentine, and her do over went out the window.

Now she has forty-eight hours to declare Sebastian a cold-blooded killer or a saintly savior. But proving his innocence isn’t easy when the task lands her on Hell’s most dangerous hit list. And being targeted by Hell’s Pit Lord might not have anything to do with the sinfully sexy Sebastian Valentine.

A fallen angel with a half-human soul and a vampire’s stone-cold heart…

Sebastian Valentine has spent centuries fighting his uncle Lucifer’s drug lords from distributing Hell’s most lethal narcotic—Crypt Candy—on earth.

But on a cold, January night, when he comes face to face with a demonic messenger—and a dead body that has his vampiric energy stamped all over it, the same residual energies needed to manufacture Crypt Candy—the tables are turned.

Now his fate rests in the hands of an immortal human trained in angelic warfare—Sophie Gates. But putting his trust in the care of the one woman he was secretly sworn to protect, places them both in the utmost danger.

Two fates entangled in the war between Heaven and Hell…

Temptation hasn’t been this sinful since the fall of Eden.

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paranormal romance book - the shifters prisoner
The Shifter’s Prisoner: A Paranormal Romance
by T. S. Ryder
Available from
This was one delicious hunk of a dragon and she wanted a taste.

Ever since Asa lost his wings while protecting his king, he’s had his motorcycle as a poor replacement. Now he needs a maid to care for his home. And he knows exactly whom he wants.

Easy enough. All he needs to do is ride in with his Dragon biker gang and take her.

Willow has always heard the warnings: never stray too far from the village lest the savage Dragons take her. But would it be so bad to escape her miserable life and abusive parents?

Being a Dragon’s property isn’t exactly what Willow had in mind but she has no choice. And Asa, with his powerful body, muscly arms and cocky grin ignites sparks in her core…

But a dark magical creature wants Willow to perform a blood sacrifice that will allow him to rule the world…

Will Asa release his inner beast to go to the end of the earth for Willow?

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