paranormal romance book - a vampires thirst by a k michaels
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paranormal romance book - a vampires thirst by a k michaels
A Vampire’s Thirst: Victor by A K Michaels
Available from
A Vampire’s Thirst: Dark, Dangerous, and Undeniable!

Victor Strong, ancient Vampire and hard-as-nails businessman, has enjoyed centuries in the human world by following one simple rule: Keep a steely control over your dark side. Then it comes, like a thief in the night, overtaking him mind, body, and soul… a strange, unexplainable ‘Thirst’ that not even he could deny.

With the craving for blood, and other darker, more enticing desires, rapidly growing out of control, Victor suddenly fears not only for his sanity, but his very life.

Holding on by a thin, unraveling thread, Victor is pulled from the brink of madness by a sweet, tantalizing aroma. So hypnotized by the scent, he is forced to find its owner, compelled to find the most elusive of all things; a mere myth among his kind. The Vampire’s Bloodmate.

Can he reach her in time? Can she save him from himself? Or will Victor be lost to his dark side forever?

The hunt is on. The battle fierce. Only the strongest survive A Vampire’s Thirst!
Book 1 in A K Michaels’ brand new series A Vampire’s Thirst full of hot as hades alpha males in this smoking paranormal romance story.

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paranormal romance book - shifters under the mistletoe by heartbeat books
Shifters under the Mistletoe by Heartbeat Reads
Available from
Six hot shifter stories that will set your Christmas tree on fire!

The holidays are coming, and six badass shifters are following their animalistic instincts to find their mates.

But fairy tales are not in the cards for them. The enemy is lurking in the shadows, and danger is coming their way…

Can these six shifters find and protect their mates? Will they give it their all, even if it means risking everything? Will they have a chance at love?

Book 1: The Alpha’s Baby
Book 2: The Billionaire Wolf’s Baby
Book 3: Charmed by the Wolf Dragon
Book 4: The Dragon’s Forbidden Mate
Book 5: My Shifting Billionaire Boss
Book 6: The Bad Bear’s Baby

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