New Paranormal Romance Release: Alpha’s Thief (Shifters of Wolfsbane) by Lily Thorn


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New Paranormal Romance Release: Alpha's Thief (Shifters of Wolfsbane) by Lily Thorn

Stealing’s easy for a thief who can stop time. Love is harder—and more dangerous.

Sold and chained, Arabella Blackwood is forced to steal for her masters. Since she can stop time, the work isn’t too hard. Escape will be more difficult, and outrunning her captors may be impossible when one of them can scent her trail.

Time actually stands still when Ryder Frost first sees his fated mate. Despite her thieving habits, he feels the need to protect her. But she’s terrified of shifters, and with a full moon approaching, he’s not sure how much longer he can conceal his true nature.

Arabella’s enemies are closing in, and they’re determined to recapture their prize. If they can’t bend her to their will, they’re happy to break her. She’s too valuable to harm, but she seems to have developed a weak spot. And they have no reason to keep Ryder alive…

This is a standalone novella with a guaranteed HEA.

Alpha's Thief (Shifters of Wolfsbane) is available now at Amazon


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