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New Paranormal Romance Release: Laralynn’s TURN by JOANN HERLEY


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New Paranormal Romance Release: Laralynn’s TURN by JOANN HERLEY

Lady Laralynn has joined the Evergreen Army and taken the oath to defend Evergreen Castle. Like her mother, she will defend against those that might cause harm to the innocent by using the gifts that have been bestowed upon her by the Wispet Queen. Will it be enough to protect her?

Jario thought he had escaped capture when he fled Black Thistle Castle and Alltree Island, but he has traded one capture for another. Mistress Violeta of Firelight Castle has ordered him to bring her the Singing Sword or face his final death. Forced to return to Black Thistle Castle, Jario takes on a new identity and eagerly accepts Lady Kayleigh’s invitation to the Black Thistle Masquerade Ball.

Discovering Jario was behind the mask of antlers, Baxter and Laralynn are tasked with capturing him. One wrong turn hurls them all into a hidden world far beneath Wintergreen Mountain called Alabaster.

Will the bitter cold tendrils of death seek a new victim, or will all survive to tell the tale of what lies beneath the mountain?

This book is meant to be a standalone. Many characters from the Evergreen Series are in this story. You will also meet several new ones which include a swan shifter and a pride of lion shifters.

Laralynn’s TURN is available now at Amazon | B&N | Kobo

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