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New Paranormal Romance Release: Mated to the Dragon King by Eliza Moon


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New Paranormal Romance Release: Mated to the Dragon King by Eliza Moon

A lost heir to the dragon throne PLUS a curvy witch who meets the man of her dreams PLUS a fight to win the kingdom!

Sullivan has been wandering the world alone for so long that he’s almost forgotten his dragon. Expelled from his land and forced to live among the humans, he tries to blend in. But when he meets Cynthia, all bets are off. No woman has ever made such an impression on him. His hormones are on high alert and his inner dragon is slowly waking up from its slumber.

Cynthia runs her plus-size boutique with confidence. All she needs to do is wave her wand to give her clients the perfect outfit. But her orderly little world is shaken to its core when she meets the new shop owner next door. Even through his tight, black sleeveless shirt, it’s obvious that he sports a chiseled midsection and maybe even one of those scandalous V’s that leads down to his crotch.

But pleasure and lust cannot hide the danger that Sullivan and his newly found mate are in. Sullivan is the heir to the dragon throne, which he can claim once he has found his mate and impregnated her. But Sullivan’s brother has his eyes set on Cynthia and the throne too. Sullivan knows one thing for sure. He’d fly across the Earth for her. And when it comes to that, he’s ready.

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

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