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New Paranormal Romance Release: One True Mate 5: Shifter’s Rogue by Lisa Ladew


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New Paranormal Romance Release: One True Mate 5: Shifter's Rogue by Lisa Ladew

Mac knows Rogue is his from the moment she holds him hostage, but she'll never let him claim her...

If Mac ran the world, everything would be better. Everyone would say what they felt, mean what they said, and never, ever get offended. At least that's what he thought his own personal utopia would look like, until he met Rogue.

Rogue's life was just fine, thank you very much. An expert in her chosen field of danger and lies, she was well on her way to retiring by 30, as long as she could keep her curious mental slide under control. Until that hot-as-sin cop showed up, turning her life upside down, bringing her everything she'd always-and never-wanted.

One True Mate 5: Shifter's Rogue is available now at Amazon


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