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New Paranormal Romance Release: Soul Awakening by Paul Lonardo

Download your copy at Amazon | iBooks | Kobo

New Paranormal Romance Release: Soul Awakening by Paul Lonardo

Something otherworldly is happening in a small Texas town.

As a small Texas town mourns the tragic death of its high school football star, Alecia is struggling to adjust to life without the boy she has dated since sixth grade and thought she would be with forever.

When Braden comes to her as an apparition, she finds herself falling for Riley, Braden’s best friend and teammate. Has Braden returned to spy on her, or for some other reason?

Alecia’s not sure, but she soon realizes she must find a way to accept Braden’s death and welcome love back into her life, or risk losing everything.

The Power of Secret Love changes everything…

Soul Awakening is available now at Amazon | iBooks | Kobo


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