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new paranormal romance book - taken by two shifters
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New Paranormal Romance Releases from Heartbeat Reads, Sandra R. Neeley, and More!


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new paranormal romance book - taken by two shifters
Taken by Two Shifters
by Heartbeat Reads
Available at
Eight shifter menage stories at a super discounted price!

I don’t want just one.

I want TWO.

I want them to shift for me.

Werewolves, werebears, weredragons.

You name it, I’ll have them.

I want them to adore me and protect me.

And I want them to blow my mind.

Can I have them? Both? At the same time?

This is a collection of eight shifter menage stories full of extra-hot steaminess that will most definitely melt your Kindle.

new paranormal romance book - kaid's queen
Kaid’s Queen (Avaleigh’s Boys Book 3)
by Sandra R Neeley
Available from

Kaid has watched as members of his clan have found and claimed their One, their Mate. Even the female that he had once hoped to claim as his own has found and claimed her One. He’s lonely, he’s tired of waiting, and his Bear is growing bitter and despondent watching from the side, never gifted with his own. He’s tired of hurting. Then a visit from an old friend delivers his heart’s desire. He’s speechless. She is beyond all he ever dreamed. But there’s a problem; she’s more Alpha than he is, housing a Monster that even she is afraid to release. And the little fact that he failed her before he ever knew she existed; how can she forgive him for his failure if he cannot even consider forgiving himself?

Delilah was born in captivity. Her parents murdered. All she has ever known is rules, permissions, cruelty, forced to barter in trade each day for her very survival. The concept of love, family and happiness mean nothing to her; they are merely words. Her captor leaves one day, never to return. She believes she’s been left to die a slow, painful death, starving in the cell that is her home. Then a chance encounter saves her; a human searching for answers stumbles across her hidden prison. She doesn’t trust him, but she’s got nothing to lose and he’s got food! So she goes with the man on an adventure that takes her to an Alpha who could be all she never knew she needed. Now if only the Monster that resides inside her wouldn’t eat her newfound friends, this might not be too bad!

While Kaid and Delilah struggle to form a bond other than the obvious physical one, a vengeful, unseen threat from the past scurries into the periphery of their lives, threatening not only their new-found chance at happiness, but the lives of every member of their clan and the very land they call home. Will this threat be detected in time to save the lives of all Avaleigh’s Boys and everyone they hold dear?

This book is the third in a new series, Avaleigh’s Boys, about a group of shifters who make their home in the backwoods and bayous of South Louisiana. Their clan consists of a mix-matched group of five shifters who depend on one another and are loyal to no end. These are their stories.

new paranormal romance book - bitten by love
Bitten by Love: Shifters in Love Romance Collection
by Various
Available from
This collection of shifter romance stories is one you don’t want to miss. It’s available for a limited time and features new and loved books from NY Times, USA Today and Bestselling paranormal authors. Grab yours now!

Bewitched by Moonlight – Deanna Chase – NEW WORK
Combust – V. Vaughn – NEW WORK
Stilettos, Curses, and Fur – Jovee Winters – NEW WORK
Of Bards and Witches – Alisa Woods
Bear’s Honey –Jacqueline Sweet
Secret Bear – Harmony Raines
Hell’s Wrath – Michele Bardsley
Mountain Bear’s Baby – J.K. Harper
The Alpha’s Curse– Scarlett Grove
Battle Scarred – Becca Fanning
Burn Deep – Élianne Adams
Discovering His Dragon – Rinelle Grey
Conquered – Chloe Cole
Caught – Julia Mills
Baby for the Bear – Olivia Arran

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