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paranormal romance book - many lives
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paranormal romance book - many lives
From New York Times bestselling author, Laxmi Hariharan, comes the Many Lives series. An epic paranormal romance sizzling with love, betrayal and fast paced action. Where shifters, vampires and immortals collide to save their race and those they love.

This boxed set contains five books in the series.

When your destiny stares right at you and you don’t see it…

Something about lethal, predatory, shifter Luke calls out me. He’s my fated mate.
It tears me apart, but I must walk away from him to find my blood family.
What I hadn’t counted on was uncovering secrets about my past.
Revelations that change my life forever.
I, the only human in my pack, now face the ultimate test to become Alpha.
Can I overcome the challenge, while winning back the only man I want to be with?

When a promise to save the city means risking your heart

Everything in my life has led up to this moment.
Everyone is counting on me, but all I see is her.
They took Aria from me
Now, I’ll do anything to get her back.
Even if it means leaving my city unprotected
Even…breaking the vow I made to my mother
Saving her is all that matters. She is my world.
Will she forgive me if I abandoned many to save only one?
… Can I ever forgive myself if I don’t?

Loving the only one you cannot have

I thought he was the one
Should have run, when
he embraced my wolf
But, I didn’t.
I am Leana, keeper of the ancient sword.
Will I pay for falling for the one I shouldn’t have?

When differences tear fated mates apart…

I swore revenge on the shifters, they’re responsible for my memory loss
So I built a psychic weapon for the vampires to control them with.
I hadn’t counted on meeting Leana, my fated mate
I’ll do anything to keep her safe
Only, she’s a shifter.
A fiery cage-fighter who wields her ancestor’s powerful sword.
Now the vampires have her,
Are going to hurt her.
They hadn’t reckoned with me…


For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I must do.
Armed with the sword of my ancestors, I must save my city.
And teaming up with sexy, rogue cop, Vikram is the only way to succeed.
When the chemistry ignites, I cannot deny my desire for him.
But can I trust him?
For my enemies are closer than I think.

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paranormal romance book - the oracle
Acacia is the Oracle of Delphi. She should be revered, protected, maybe even worshiped, but instead, she is held captive by Apollo’s priests and forced to breathe fumes that induce her naturally occurring visions. When a warlord comes to her for counsel, freedom seems to be within her grasp, provided she can convince him release her and risk the wrath of the gods.
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paranormal romance book - shifting the odds
The odds were against him, but his heart was a sure bet.

Devin Monroe’s life changed the moment he made that bet. A werebear that never stopped challenging his luck. To save his own neck, Devin had to work off his debt for the Carcetti mob. Whatever job assigned to him, he was to complete without question. What he questioned to himself were the feelings he had for Julia Fontaine, a curvy bombshell that caught his eye.

Lex Savage was hot on his Devin’s tail, the local detective and member of the Savage clan. A group of fierce dragons pushed out of Buffalo by the Carcetti’s. Revenge fueled his desire to take down the mob and anyone in his way.

Julia Fontaine, Lex’s girlfriend and manager at the biggest bank in town found herself in between two strong shifters. A bear and a dragon. Two different and strong-minded men were in a battle for her love. She would find herself in one of their arms quicker than expected, leaving the other on a disastrous path that would threaten everything they loved.

This shifter romance has a steamy happily ever after!

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paranormal romance book - maybe another time
Sometimes, vampires are not the bad guys…

After a century and a half, Lucien has no illusions about vampires being treated fairly by humans. All he hopes for is to find willing prey to feed from without having to kill—and occasional company to break the monotony of lonely nights. A large scar, however, a frightening souvenir from his siring, scares away many humans, and more often than not he gets kicked out of blood bars and dance clubs for little more than his appearance.

When a new club opens in town that is touted as a meeting place for vampires and humans, he reluctantly gives it a try. On his first night there, he is pleasantly surprised… until the young woman with whom he shares a glass of wine and pleasant conversation at the bar realizes what he is.

If Zoe had had her wish, the bachelorette party for her best friend would have taken place anywhere but at On The Edge—anywhere vampires are not welcomed so openly. Unlike the rest of the bridal party, Zoe has a healthy wariness of vampires… Or could it be more than wariness, and less than healthy?

Every aspect of her life seems governed by patterns she can’t overcome, from the way she yields in conflicts to her inability to believe anyone might be interested in her extra curves. Could changing one thing—her fear of vampires—be the one small step that starts her on a new life journey?

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paranormal romance book - silver dragon
Sexy, curvy, and very determined to get what she wants, Andrea Evans applies to the Alma Venus Agency for mail-order brides. She is sorted into House Dracones, which means she will become the bride of a dragon-shifter. Well, that suits her just fine. The dragons are the wealthiest shifters in the world, having had hundreds of years at their disposal to hoard treasures and stuff them under their ridiculously luxurious palaces. What does love have to do with wealth? Nothing. Andrea is not interested in finding love because she’s only pretending to be a mail-order bride. In reality, she’s a clever con artist who plans to rob the poor dragon-shifter (pun intended) who will make the mistake of falling for her.

After he lost his first wife, Calder Grimmr vowed he would never remarry. But a dragon-shifter’s life can get lonely. The gift of living for thousands of years becomes a curse when you have to watch your bride and the mother of your children age and die. However, things have changed. Now, the antidote for shifter venom has been discovered, and human brides can be turned into hybrids, which gives them the long lifespan of their shifter mates. Encouraged by his clan, Calder decides to give himself a second chance and find a mail-order bride.

When Andrea finds out Calder Grimmr is a member of the Council of the Six Factions, she almost gives up her plan. Yes, he’s the wealthiest, most influential dragon-shifter there is, but can she handle him?

When Calder realizes Andrea might not be who she pretends to be, it’s already too late. His inner beast has recognized her as his mate.

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paranormal romance book - goldilock and the bear
Undertake a magical journey in Vivienne Savage’s new romantic fantasy series loosely based on the lore of multiple fairy tales. Meet strong heroines supported by a cast of sexy heroes, intriguing friends, and devious villains.

Lady Victoria hungers for excitement, but how can she find it while cloistered in her cousin’s castle? Encouraged to journey north to pursue an adventure of her own, an abandoned lodge seems as fine a place as any to stop for rest.

Ramsay is a shifter without a mate. Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of becoming his clan’s new Father Bear–and the females throwing themselves at him–he leaves on holiday to enjoy the peaceful, northern hunting lodge. Finding his bed occupied by a golden-haired beauty wasn’t part of the plan, but claiming her may be.

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paranormal romance book - trapped
Miranda Sage

After killing the most prominent man’s son in Faction Twelve, Miranda Sage is on the run. And Lord Manchester will stop at nothing to get her back as she’s his most prized possession. Her only chance for survival is to hide. But how can she when Eric Winters is on her trail?

Eric Winters

When it comes to hunting witches, Eric Winters is the man to call. No matter what, he always gets his man…or woman, especially if they’re a witch. To him, witches should have never been allowed into their faction. It doesn’t matter if Fae need their magic or not, they are not to be trusted. The best witch is a dead witch. Or so he thought.

Two sworn enemies trapped in an abandoned cabin during a fierce snowstorm. One bitter with resentment for Fae having to depend on witches for their powers. The other determined to end the senseless slaying of witches only for magic. But as the secrets of their worlds merge, it changes everything. They discover more than they intended to. Love. Now, their ultimate goal is to save the faction by bringing Fae and witches together and ending the darkness Lord Manchester has over the land. That means going up against the Lord himself. If they fail, not only will many innocent lives be lost, but the Lord will make sure their deaths won’t be an easy one.

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paranormal romance book - dragon echoes
Verrian thought they were safe in the city. He thought his enemy would never find them. He was wrong.

With reporters and police all hunting for them, the last thing they need right now is a dragon fight. Especially since Lisa knows that if she heals Verrian one more time, they’ll be mate bonded for life.

Despite their burning attraction, Verrian seems as reluctant to form a permanent bond as she is, but what choice do they have? She’s not going to leave him to die, no matter what.

Tempting Dragon is Part 4 in the Dragon Echoes Serial.

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paranormal romance book - captured by the barbarian
I’ve been kidnapped – there’s nowhere to go. I’m stuck on a space ship with an insanely hot alien.

Jada Isles owns a dating agency that connects human women with the sexy T’shav aliens. But when she sees her new client’s D*rito-shaped torso, she decides to meet him herself.

Sildon has only one love in his life: The sword that was left to him by his grandfather. Until he sees Jada. Her femininity, lush curves, thick thighs and full lips drive him insane.

But there’s no time to let her beauty get to his head. Sildon is on a mission. He has to kidnap her for ransom.

All goes according to plan. Until Sildon finds out how strong-willed Jada is. But even though her mind should be focused on escaping, she can’t stop staring at the well-defined “V” below his perfect six-pack.

And soon another challenge presents itself when they come across a baby being sold on the slave market.

Does this mercenary have a heart after all? Can Jada and Sildon contain the heat slowly building up between them? Is he prepared to do the one thing that could destroy everything else?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

Captured by the Barbarian is an 86-page stand-alone story in a series, featuring the T’Shav species and their human mates. It includes alien abduction, action, BBW and pregnancy elements. Other parts of the series:
Sold to the Barbarian
Caged by the Barbarian
Bought by the Barbarian
Given to the Barbarian
Kidnapped by the Barbarian
Rescued by the Barbarian

The books each have a HEA and contain plenty of action, steam and surprise pregnancies. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

Available from Amazon!

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