new paranormal romance book - the eventide hour
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new paranormal romance book - the eventide hour
My name is A’eron. I am Aos Si. Some might call me dark fae. But what I am is a prince without a kingdom, a man without a home. Stripped of my lands and title, I was banished to earth and to a place called Las Vegas. City of Sin. I can find my place here. What I did not expect was to be denied the Vampire I claimed as mine own. I’ve already lost everything. There is nothing else they can take from me. I will not give her up. No one tells me what to do.

My name is Tempest, Temp to my friends. Yeah, I’ve got a bit of a temper. It’s tough being kinkind, a blood Vampire whose uncle leads one of the most powerful Fractions in Vegas. He’s got enemies and since they can’t get to his daughter, they’ve targeted me. Thinking I’m the weaker target. Oh how wrong they are. But they will learn. I’m in a fight for my existence, but to my shock, I don’t fight alone.

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new paranormal romance book - kidnapped by the alien
The hunt is on, and what a delicious hunt it will be

Libba Ross is no quitter. When she wants something, she will get it no matter what. But when she’s abducted by the cruel alien Din who wants to use her and her curves for scientific experiments, she’s helpless.

Alien dragon Brask has a job to do. He is a Justice Warrior who saves humans from horrendous scientific experiments. So when he hears about Din’s newest catch, his dragon will not stop before he rescues her.

But his job soon gets complicated when this woman awakens flames inside his belly he had long forgotten.

Libba learns there’s only one way to stay with Brask and out of Din’s hands: get pregnant with Brask’s child. Strangely, she doesn’t find that idea all that upsetting… This exotic alien with his temper and terrifying eyes is slowly working his way into her heart.

Unfortunately, Din doesn’t quit easily. Powerful forces in the government are backing him and force Brask to return Libba. But if he thinks Brask will simply hand her over, he is sorely mistaken.

Forced together by circumstances and hunted by the government, do Libba and Brask stand a chance? Will Brask do the unthinkable to keep her and their baby safe? Is their love worth dying for?

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

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new paranormal romance book - billionaires and babies
Get 208,000+ words of hot billionaire pregnancy romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

The Shifting Boss’s Baby

The Shifting Boss’s Mate

The Shifting Boss’s Prey

The Shifting Billionaire’s Mate

The Shifting Billionaire’s Baby

Claimed by the Vampire King

The Alpha Wolf’s Baby

The Billionaire Wolf’s Baby

The Quarterback’s Secret Baby

The Vampire Prince’s Prey

The Vampire Prince’s Baby

The Vampire Prince’s Prisoner

The Hockey Player’s Secret Baby

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot billionaire pregnancy romance reads.

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