New Release: Aries (Zodiac Dragon Guardians Book 5) by Kim Faulks


Cover for paranormal romance book aries
Aries by Kim Faulks

She was a siren amongst an ocean of terror. One fragile woman, fighting to survive…fighting to be heard.

And Zadoc Kane heard her with every fiber of his being.

Zadoc’s the fourth of twelve Guardians. Dragon-born in the sign of Aries, he carries all the traits of his sign—the good and the bad.

He’s the protector, the hard-headed stubborn ram. He’s brave and noble with a vicious temper, and he has littered his family’s mountain with the bodies of those who’ve harmed the weak.

And as the rival Echo pack descends on his home to kill his family, he plans on adding to the count.

Until a voice stops him in his tracks…a human woman amongst a sea of wolves.

Zadoc has a choice, fight alongside his kin…or sacrifice everything to protect her.

But the choice was never his to make.

His Dragon, the Wretched, will make it for him.

Aries is available now at the following: Amazon

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