Die by the Drop cover
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New Release: Die by the Drop by Kaia Bennett


Die by the Drop cover

Die by the Drop by Kaia Bennett

“I won’t insult this five star read by categorizing as a vampire novel. It’s so much more and Bennett is a genius!” ~ Expresso – Girls Just Wanna Have Books Blog

“This book is a true dark erotica with promises of romance.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

I’d fought to lead a normal life, despite being anything but.
Until the night three monsters forced me to fight for survival instead.
They turned a short walk through the woods into the road trip to Hell.
The leader made me his, made me dread pleasure and relish pain. Made me want things I’d once feared.
They wanted to break me, bleed me drop by drop.
They picked the wrong witch.

“It’s beyond what I expected and by golly I want more!!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“It takes the bloodlust of vampires of past novels to a totally different level.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Die by the Drop by Kaia Bennett is available now from Amazon!

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