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Although PNR Lovers wasn’t in any way involved with the private draws from the other authors included in the Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt, we know how hard it is to keep track of it all. So we’ve compiled a list of all the websites you went to and got their addresses. Check them out and see if you’ve won!

*I posted the complete list since I don’t know who held a draw and who didn’t.*


Elianne Adams:
CE Black:
Lily Marie:
J.K. Harper:
K.J. Coakley:
Anna Lowe:
Lori Whyte:
Elle Thorne:
Kristen Strassel:
Sylvina Storm:
Michelle Fox:
Ambrielle Kirk:
Masters of the Hunt:
Sydney Somers:
Michele Bardsley:
Red Hot Alphas:
Shelley Munro:
Bethany Shaw:
Renee George:
Kim Faulks:

Congratulations to those winners as well. 

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