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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Cimmeris Dragon (Dragons of Brevia: Shadow Squad Book 2) by Zoey Harper (Review One)

Cimmeris Dragon Book Cover Cimmeris Dragon
Dragons of Brevia: Shadow Squad Book 2
Zoey Harper
Sci Fi Romance
Robin Smith

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One thing's for sure, he wasn't right for her then, and he sure as hell isn't right for her now.

Cimmeris, an elite soldier, and life of the party is about to face the toughest test he's ever encountered: trying not to fall in love with the childhood friend he saved on a mission. But how is he supposed to do that when the girl he knew has grown into a strong, curvy woman who his dragon believes is their mate?

Gifted diplomat Emily, never expected her secret trip to Earth to end in a ransom situation. But just when things get bleak, Cimmeris and his team rescue her. Cimmeris' blue eyes and cheeky smile are just like she remembers. What she isn't ready for is her response to his tall, rock-hard body.

As the sexual tension between them grows, Cimmeris and Emily will have to choose between love and duty. And with the Gleonite evil never at rest, that decision will get a lot more complicated...

The Review

I really liked this story and I think when finances permit me to do so I will be acquiring the whole series. I am glad that I jumped in early enough to not be confused later in the series.

What I liked most is that it dealt with feelings of worth due to one's circumstances and for Cimmeris he was orphaned at an early age and raised by his closest friend's family. But he lost the tree due to the forest as i think because he went in search of acceptance, belonging and family when he had it all along. The adventures and closeness he and Emily shared would enlighten him in the future when he realizes she is his mate. She comes from a noble family in Brevia.

I think this is the first time that i have read Ms. Harper but it won't be my last. Yes I voluntarily read a complimentary copy but in no way have I been compensated for this opinion.

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