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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Ignite: A Fiery Paranormal Romance (The Bound Ones Book 1) by Tricia Barr

Ignite: A Fiery Paranormal Romance Book Cover Ignite: A Fiery Paranormal Romance
The Bound Ones Book 1
Tricia Barr
Paranormal Romance
Denise Keel

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Bound by fear, by fire, by destiny.

When Phoenyx Blake meets Sebastian for the first time, it's in a dungeon where they and two others have been imprisoned. Together these four strangers discover that each one of their souls are attached to an element of nature. Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Their abductors belong to an ancient society that plans to sacrifice them for their powers during the upcoming solar storm. What’s more, Phoenyx and Sebastian find that their souls have a special history that spans centuries. Destined to love, fated to die, doomed to repeat. There is a much stronger flame between them than any she could conjure.

Phoenyx and Sebastian, along with the other elementals, must learn to master their powers to escape. But Phoenyx is hiding from a painful secret. If she can’t find the strength to face it, she and her new friends will lose not only their lives but their souls--forever.

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The Review

This is a Non-Spoiler Review. I really enjoyed reading Caloric, first in the Bound Ones series.

It's my first Tricia Barr read and I can honestly say it won't be my last. I love when a story is so well written that you can see the movie run in your mind and was pleasantly surprised to find that Caloric was such a story.

I felt like I was standing in the room watching the storyline unfold. The characters are fun and endearing despite the situation they find themselves in and Tricia Barr has a knack for evoking strong emotions and tempering them with humor.

This is a quick but satisfying read that has enough resolution to be read as stand alone, but does give a soft lead in for book 2.

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