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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Keeping His Dragon by Elianne Adams (Review 2)

Keeping His Dragon (Book 6) Book Cover Keeping His Dragon (Book 6)
The Dragon Blood Series
Elianne Adams
Paranormal Romance
Denise Keel


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Sloane Appleton thought she’d left the dangers of dragon hunters behind when she fled to New York. She was wrong. They’re in the city, and they’re after her.

On a mission to find and eliminate the threat to their people, Mateo couldn’t have picked a worst time to find his mate. But when Sloane appears at the top of the enemy’s hit list, he must find a way to complete his mission, and keep her safe.

The Review


Keeping His Dragon by Elianne Adams is part of the Dragons Blood Series. While the reading experience is enhanced by reading the series in order, there are minimal spoilers if you drop into this book without having read any others and I promise you won't be lost.

The story itself is fast paced and is a quick read. I loved the opening of the book as it grabs your attention and pulls you to the edge of your seat on the first interaction of the main characters, Sloane and Mateo.

And get comfortable as you'll not want to put the book down once you begin reading. This book took me through the full range of emotions. There is action, drama, humor, horror and steamy hot, passionate sex (so Mature Reader Only Please!).

I also enjoyed that there are strong secondary characters that have voice and just clamor for their stories to be told. I highly recommend this book as a perfect pick-me-up read that will have you feeling good and craving more.

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