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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Keeping His Dragon by Elianne Adams (Review 4)

Keeping His Dragon (Book 6) Book Cover Keeping His Dragon (Book 6)
The Dragon Blood Series
Elianne Adams
Paranormal Romance
Ashley Bucci

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Sloane Appleton thought she’d left the dangers of dragon hunters behind when she fled to New York. She was wrong. They’re in the city, and they’re after her.

On a mission to find and eliminate the threat to their people, Mateo couldn’t have picked a worst time to find his mate. But when Sloane appears at the top of the enemy’s hit list, he must find a way to complete his mission, and keep her safe.

The Review

Ms. Adams starts this book out at a gallop and keeps the pace, and the heat, at a steady increase throughout.

Despite being a shorter length this story provides all of our favorite paranormal romance ingredients: supernatural species, hot alpha male, action, steamy love scenes, and of course some witty humor as our newly mated couple learns the ins and outs of becoming “we”.

I really enjoyed how Sloane and Mateo knew they were mates right from the first sentence of this book and they don’t seem to need a lot of time to adjust to this fact.

I also enjoyed that they were both dragon shifters so there wasn’t a need for a lot of explanation from either of the main characters. This left a lot more time for character and relationship development. With a large chunk of their strife coming from external sources it also helped to cement their bond in the shorter time span in the book.

One of the best things about series books is also one of the worst. Once you get into the series the world and its rules have been so well established that most authors don’t revisit them in every story so as to avoid repetition. Of course, for those starting in the middle that can leave the reader a little scant on details. Usually at the end of the story the reader can pretty much fill in any remaining blanks but occasionally even character descriptions get a little thin. Usually because said characters have been introduced in earlier books and readers have had been being built up to this tale.

Even with these pitfalls, the characters of Sloane and Mateo are well developed and are given the chance to shine in the difficult circumstances they face in the story. The side characters are less intensely showcased but dynamic enough to bring a reader back to read their happily ever afters.

I gave this book four stars for the lack of detail as an introduction to the world.

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