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paranormal romance book - keeping his dragon by elianne adams
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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Keeping His Dragon by Elianne Adams

Keeping His Dragon (Book 6) Book Cover Keeping His Dragon (Book 6)
The Dragon Blood Series
Elianne Adams
Paranormal Romance
Buffy Caudell

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Sloane Appleton thought she’d left the dangers of dragon hunters behind when she fled to New York. She was wrong. They’re in the city, and they’re after her.

On a mission to find and eliminate the threat to their people, Mateo couldn’t have picked a worst time to find his mate. But when Sloane appears at the top of the enemy’s hit list, he must find a way to complete his mission, and keep her safe.

The Review

Adams immediately puts you straight into the action, which I love.

Sloane, a gorgeous, curvy redheaded dragon shifter, suddenly meets her mate, Mateo, a hunky, Alpha, dark-haired dragon shifter, on a date with another woman in Sloane’s human best friend’s coffee shop. They both recognize they are mates, but Mateo chooses his date over Sloane and she is crushed. This scene is both comical and edgy and I am suddenly already in Sloane’s corner. How could he?

However, once I read Mateo’s version of the events and he is finally able to catch up with Sloane, I become invested in the relationship between the two. Sloane is in danger and Mateo must help her with support from his tribe of shifters. The chemistry between the two is both lava-like (hot, hot, hot) and panty-melting. The sex scenes are steamy and will leave you gasping. They also respect each other and work side-by-side to try to save others and keep Sloane safe.

Sloane does push Mateo because she is fiercely independent. At many points in the story, I think maybe Mateo will lash out at her for not doing what he said to do, but he doesn’t. He trusts his mate. She falls for him even more each time she pushes his control, and he allows it, as long as she remains smart about her decisions.

I loved Mateo. He is a real gentleman in this book. Sometimes in shifter stories, the Alpha male makes the heroine into a victim and any sassiness or spunky attitude is let go in deference to the male. This is not so in this book, Mateo and Sloane are equals and I felt that will continue into their future together.

We also get a sneak peek at a new set of mates, pink-haired, human best friend of Sloane, Wendy, and Rory, one of Mateo’s close dragon shifter friends. What a ride that will be!

At the end, we get another peek at the other mates from the Dragon Blood Series. It was nice to see the comradery between the friends and mates. I hated to see the end of Mateo and Sloane. I was left wanting more, but sometimes that is a good thing because you can continue using your imagination.

I give this book 5 stars! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. This is a must for all shifter fans!

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