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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Love of the Dragon by Anna Lowe

Love of the Dragon Book Cover Love of the Dragon
Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart
Anna Lowe
Pararnormal Romance
Ashley Bucci

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Dragons, duty, destined mates, and a deadly rival...
Silas Llewellyn, the last of a once-mighty dragon clan, doesn’t have time for anything but work and duty. He certainly doesn’t have time for love — not with a ruthless enemy plotting to destroy everything he holds dear. When a priceless diamond — one of the legendary Spirit Stones — surfaces in New York, Silas knows the jewel is nothing but trouble…just like the alluring woman who refuses to relinquish the gem.

Bartender Cassandra Nichols never asked to inherit a mysterious diamond, and she really never intended to come between two warring dragons. But with one near-miss escape after another, she has no choice but to choose sides. Before she knows it, she’s whisked by private jet to an oceanfront estate in Hawaii for her own “protection.” Is the enigmatic Mr. Llewellyn just another billionaire dragon who thinks he can claim anything he wants? Or is there more to the soulful stranger than meets the eye?

The Review

Love of the Dragon starts off on a note of intrigue and builds at a nice steady pace to the climactic finale.

The plot grabs you right from the start and peaks the interest. Even during the moments when it takes a backseat to the romance, the reader is still curious about the resolution. The romance itself, which is HOT, is a constant theme throughout the book while not necessarily in the spotlight for all of it.

I found the main characters Silas and Cassandra to be relatable and fleshed out while also being fun and endearing. The added bonus of the dragon as its own character added to their relationship dynamic and Silas’ character as a whole. This story was in the middle of the series, closer to the end, but despite that I never felt like I didn’t understand the world, overarching plot, or the side characters that had already gotten their own stories in previous books.

I think my favorite things about this book were the community that Ms. Lowe has created with the Koa Point shifters. I really enjoyed how the different shifter types lived together without any friction based on that fact. They are a tight knit family group with enough of a difference to keep the readers interested.

I also loved the little slices of Hawaiian history and food tossed in. Those moments gave me somethings to look up after I’d finished the book to see pictures.

My only complaint would be that at times the romance aspect felt a little rushed. While necessary to move the story forward it is occasionally hard to go from rocky start to hot and heavy in just a week’s time. I gave this book four stars for that aspect and a few minor editing errors. Definitely will be grabbing the rest of the series!

More About The Reviewer- Ashley Bucci:
Ashley Bucci is an avid reader of all types of books though lately her To-Read shelf has been stuffed with Paranormal Romances. While she dreams of one day being a writer in the genre herself, her busy life and children make that a more long-term goal.

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