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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Mated in Treason by Christa Paige

Mated in Treason Book Cover Mated in Treason
Kan Asma Vampires
Christa Paige
Buffy Caudell

This book was provided to Paranormal Romance Lovers and the reviewer for free in return for a review.


Please note this review may contain spoilers!



Welcome to the world of the Kan Asma Vampires.

The Kan Asma are genetically modified humans who've become vampires. For centuries, the Kan Asma lived symbiotically with their human neighbors until the government recognized something had increased their life spans. Scientists and militia stormed their quiet Abkhazian village and betrayal followed. Many vampires experienced brutality and torture. Others died from experimentation.

After a perilous journey, the surviving Kan Asma fled their homeland and settled in West Hollywood, California. The refugees cling to their sacred traditions, holding their mating rites above all others because without them, their numbers would diminish. There is no love or emotion in their Council-determined matings.

Now, their quiet lives have suddenly been turned upside down. Lines have been drawn between the wealthy aristocrats and an uprising determined to halt the unfair ritual keeping wealth and power out of reach. Those who are lucky to find love in these matches are very few, and they will have to fight with everything they have in order to claim their mates or suffer a broken heart for eternity.

The Review

Unlike other vampire novels, I found this one to have a very original storyline, fantastic creation of a vampire community that is intrinsic and complicated, complex characters with believable motivations, true love, and hot steamy sex scenes. What a world the writer has created!

I also loved the cover of the book and it so looks like the description of Gunnar. I immediately fell in love with him and felt his anguish of being hurt, but mostly not being able to claim Nadia. I hate using the word “insta-love,” but that is what transpires between the two, and it was delightful to watch the bond grow between them.

Nadia is the star of this book to me. She is as real as any one I know. Being inside her head is like reading her journal and I loved it. I liked her instantly when she grabbed Gunnar’s hand to distract him from the extreme pain he was in. She’s so compassionate and lovable, perfect characteristics for a nurse.

I was a bit taken aback by the Turkish glossary at the beginning, but found it useful and easy to use while reading. I like that I was introduced to the language and it gave me a real insight into the culture of the Kan Asma Vampires.

So many Alpha vampires are introduced in this book, but it was easy to understand the relationships and their personalities, and keep them straight. I so want to read Traian’s story with his forbidden human mate. Paige explains it well, but I would have liked his book first.

Also, she filled my mind with the background settings of Los Angeles and the homes of the characters by touching on all my senses. She’s a great writer and I could tell she has a spectacular imagination and skill with research.

I was disappointed with the slowness of the story in the beginning, but there was so much going on with explaining the history, customs, relationships and character development for the other Alphas. I found some of the details repeated over and over, and some readers may have needed that, so I don’t think of it as a negative.

The hierarchy took me awhile to figure out, but it was a terrific way to keep the lovers in angst, because it was against their laws for them to be together. I loved the “drinking potential mate’s blood from the cups” ritual. It was scary for the ladies as they could die if they chose wrongly.

Besides a hiccup or two of lagging or unneeded dialogue, I found the book to be a winner. Paige really outdid herself building suspense, satisfying us with a HEA, and making way for other books in the series. I want to know what happens to these fascinating characters. I’m definitely invested in Christa Paige’s future as a paranormal writer.

I give the book 4 stars. A job very well done!

More About The Reviewer- Buffy Caudill:
Buffy is a writer/reader/book reviewer who enjoys archery, superheroes, and chatting to her friends all over the world. She is full of obsessions that continuously change; vanilla chai tea w/honey, popcorn, and knife fighting classes are the current ones.

You can get a small peek into her world on Instagram: @buffycaudell

Coco, her 4lb chihuahua daughter, says hello and she can also be found on IG: @coco.caudell

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