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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Pallas by Annie Nicholas

Pallas Book Cover Pallas
Annie Nicholas
Paranormal Romance
Sara K. King

This book was provided to the reviewer for free in return for a review.



Pallas comes from the deadliest vampire clan that ever existed.
Spent centuries transforming wolf shifters into warriors.
People trembled at his name.
Now, he runs a boot camp for misfit werewolves.
Everything is coming together. His life, the pack, and their community.
Then the police finds a corpse on his land.
Drained of blood.
His only hope of proving his innocence is the sheriff.
The woman of his dreams with a warrior’s heart.
But she hates him.

The Review

I have to admit, it has been a while since a story has captivated me enough to want to stay up past my bedtime to keep reading. Well, it looks like my dry spell is over.

Pallas: Vampire Romance was responsible for my bleary eyes and my need for extra coffee the following morning. I enjoyed every word. This is book five in the series but I was easily able to read it without books one through four. This is terrific if you stumble upon this little gem and start reading from this point. Having said that, I find myself needing to go back to book one and start from the start. Not because I felt I missed anything with this book, but because I’m intrigued by the story and the world Annie Nicholas has built and want more.

The story itself was complete, and well edited. Not once was I tempted to skip pages, or skim through them as I sometimes do when the pacing is dragging. There was a depth to the characters that made them instantly likable, and made me want them to find their happily ever afters.

My only complaint (if you can call it that) is that this story seems to be wrapping up this series. Dare I hope that another group of misfit wolves will grace our bookshelves at some point in the future? For now, I will content myself with reading the first four books, and keep my fingers crossed for more.

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