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Paranormal Romance Book Review: A Shift in the Water by Patricia D. Eddy

A Shift in the Water Book Cover A Shift in the Water
Elemental Shifter Book 1
Patricia D. Eddy
Paranormal Romance
Buffy Caudell

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Cade Bowman lost his humanity to a fire elemental intent on revenge. Trapped as his wolf, his pack gone, he paces his cage day and night, powerless against his tormentor's charms. When a mistake gives him the chance to flee, he has one hope of escaping her. Hide out in a car headed off Orcas Island.

Visiting her favorite beach for one last swim, Mara Taylor knows she'll die soon. The mysterious blood disorder ending her life resists treatment, and she's tired of fighting. But when she discovers an injured, emaciated wolf in her car, she finds something to live for. This animal needs her, and she'll nurse him back to health before the end. 

When the two start to heal each other, Cade realizes that Mara isn't just the key to freeing him from the fire elemental's charms. She's his. 

Can Mara free Cade from his wolf and save her own life in the process? And if she does, can they survive when they learn the identity of the fire elemental hunting them both?

The Review

This was my first time with this author and I was overly impressed with the amount of detail she puts in the book.

She develops many characters, describes the senses of sight, smell, touch, etc. excellently, and is a creative dynamo when it comes to the elementals.

However, the relationship details I wanted from the main characters are lacking these special skills. Cade and Mara have an outstanding setup to meeting and pushing forward in their coupling, but I thought Ms. Eddy's book belonged more in the genre of thriller, than romance.

Also, more details are needed in the intimate scenes, please. I enjoyed the story line immensely, but the details bogged down the buildup after 3/4 of the book and the demise of the nemesis happened so quickly.

I give this book a rating of 3, but if it had been in the thriller genre, I would have given her a 4.

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