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Paranormal Romance Book Review: A Shift in the Water by Patricia A. Eddy (Review Three)

A Shift in the Water Book Cover A Shift in the Water
Elemental Shifter Book 1
Patricia A. Eddy
Paranormal Romance
Lenka Trnkova

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Cade Bowman lost his humanity to a fire elemental intent on revenge. Trapped as his wolf, his pack gone, he paces his cage day and night, powerless against his tormentor's charms. When a mistake gives him the chance to flee, he has one hope of escaping her. Hide out in a car headed off Orcas Island.

Visiting her favorite beach for one last swim, Mara Taylor knows she'll die soon. The mysterious blood disorder ending her life resists treatment, and she's tired of fighting. But when she discovers an injured, emaciated wolf in her car, she finds something to live for. This animal needs her, and she'll nurse him back to health before the end. 

When the two start to heal each other, Cade realizes that Mara isn't just the key to freeing him from the fire elemental's charms. She's his. 

Can Mara free Cade from his wolf and save her own life in the process? And if she does, can they survive when they learn the identity of the fire elemental hunting them both?

The Review

This review contains some spoilers!

Revenge is a powerful driving force. But so is love.

Katerina lost her mother years ago. Blaming a wolf shifter and alpha of the local pack for her mother’s death, she set up revenge as a life goal, determined to kill every member of the pack. Her killing spree is successful, except for the alpha’s son Cade, who left his father’s pack and now leads his own in Bellingham. After Katerina finds out his whereabouts, she kidnaps him and uses her powers to torture the man trapped in his wolf form.

However, Cade manages to escape by hiding in the trunk of Mara’s car. Between a wolf weakened within an inch of his life, and beautiful woman dying from unknown disease, a strong connection immediately comes to life and only strengthens as they uncover each other’s secrets – many of them deadly.

This book provides a really satisfying reading experience. The idea of supernaturals walking secretly among us is nothing new and neither is the love between different races, but there is always a good way and a bad way to execute the premise – in this case, the author rocks. Providing several inventive opinions on the supernatural creatures and working well with the paranormal world setup, the book was very well written.

However, when I finished the first chapter, I wasn’t sure I’d rate the book more than three stars. The introduction was rather slow and chaotic despite the action scene, explaining who is who in the pack all at once, and then all the characters disappeared for long, so it seemed useless and confusing. I’d prefer introducing the pack hierarchy later, as the plot developed.
I had my doubts about the rating also during the larger passages when Katerina was pushed totally into the background (not that I minded watching breathlessly the relationship development between Cade and Mara), or did not want to believe that after seven months of starvation and torture, and a week of recovery in wolf form, on the day Cade shifted back to human he was thin and two days later possessed a six-pack and totally sexy body. That’s unrealistic even for shifters, considering the other details mentioned in the book.

Aside from these little disturbances, I truly enjoyed the story. The plot developed with accelerating speed, very emotional and action packed at the same time, occasionally peppered with lightly steamy scenes. All the characters were strong individuals, with their own well-defined personalities and qualities that the reader can relate to. I personally loved the interactions between Cade and Mara, her innocence and acceptance having healing power over his damaged soul, and his protectiveness and temper making a woman reader’s knees buckle. I would really recommend this book to any fan of PNR or sexy romances.

Oh, and one last note – I would die to meet the artist who created Mara’s Christmas present for Cade.

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