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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Torment by Elianne Adams

Torment: Reckless Desires (Book 1) Book Cover Torment: Reckless Desires (Book 1)
The Dark Wolves series
Elianne Adams
Paranormal Romance
Lenka Trnkova

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Wolf shifter Delana is strong—and desperate. After an unthinkable, brutal attack on her village left her pack without its Alpha, their very survival is at stake. Finding a new leader from among the strange new shifters living on their land is her pack's only hope.

Khet's inner beast eats at his soul with ruthless intensity. A wicked curse held his people captive until it was finally broken, saving his pack brothers from its terrible legacy. But Khet's dark soul was too dangerous to be saved. Shadows consume him—and also keep him far from being suitable mate material.

Yet when Delana comes to him, sacrificing her pride to ask for his help, he recognizes her as his mate. Powerless to resist her beguiling temptation, he'll do anything to protect her. Even if it means going back to the Dark Lands—alone.

The Review

Nothing can save the pack from danger. Nothing but a powerful ally.

Delana´s pack suffers from repeated attacks. Desperate to save the remaining pack members she runs away to find help. Hunted by her enemy, she literally crashes into a mountain of a man, a shifter called Khet. Feeling the connection between them, Khet is determined take Delana´s side in the help request. But the complications only started.

A fast paced read with emotions rushing from action and suspense to desire and lust and back. I only needed several hours to wolf down the story – pun intended.

Mentioning the wolves, I found the main plot of this story one big cliché. True, I have wolf shifters (or basically any shifters, but wolves the most) associated with raw energy, primal needs, carefree behavior, and strong connection to nature, and that is nothing bad, actually. One does not have to look hard for all the above mentioned in this book. However, there are many ways how to grasp the general idea and twist it into something fresh and original. I admit there were certain surprising twists and original ideas, but I´d love to see more.

On the other side, if you are totally fine with the wolf shifters stereotype, you will definitely enjoy this story. Stubborn and sexy heroine, overprotective and conflicted hero, steamy romantic scenes, hot and cold relationship, and hard decisions that raise more obstacles than necessary; you have it all. Even the interactions provide a satisfactory level of entertainment.

This is a perfect story for a paranormal romance addict. If you are one, go ahead and pick this book.

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