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Paranormal Romance Book Review: Touch of Ice (Dawn of Dragons Book 1) by Mary Auclair (Review #1)

Touch of Ice Book Cover Touch of Ice
Dawn of Dragons
Mary Auclair
Pararnormal Romance
Buffy Caudell

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He is as cold as ice. She is the salvation that will melt his heart.

When Endora is faced with her daughter’s terminal illness, she takes the only chance she’s got. She braves the potential risks and signs a mating contract with the Delradon Draekon Lords, intent on using the payment to buy the aliens’ cure to save her daughter’s life.

Lord Aldric Darragon rules over his land with an iron fist until one day the only woman who is genetically compatible with him agrees to his offer of mating. As his all-consuming passion for Endora explodes, an ancient threat looms heavy over humans and Delradons alike. With the lives of everyone he cares about hanging in the balance, Aldric has to fight the demons of his past if he wants to defeat the enemies of the present.

The Review

Let me start by saying I love this author’s other works. She is a very talented paranormal writer. Her books have well-developed, imaginable characters, original plots, and fascinating sceneries that are out of this world.

This book did not disappoint me. As a matter of fact, it is my favorite by her so far. Endora’s character is warm, caring, almost empathic in some ways. She already grieves for her upcoming daughter’s death because she feels despair at the inconsolable fact there is nothing else to be done for her daughter, except the unthinkable.

She goes to her drawer and pulls out the the mating percentage letter. It has her potential mate as Aldric Darragon, a Delradon Draekon Lord, rich beyond belief. She agrees to the contract to be his mate, so as to obtain the funds to send her daughter to the Draekon hospital.

Aldric is a magnificent character; he has a frosty stare that matches his disposition. He is in total lust with Eldora, and thinks she has agreed to be his mate to supply her lover with money. Aldric saw them together ten years ago, and he has never been able to let go the sight of Eldora. Aldric is also part of his dragon, Rhyl, an elegant beast with a hot temper.

There are adjacent plot lines that carry the characters through the emotional turmoil of learning to trust and love each other. Eldora’s Fire heats Aldric’s nature and we see both character’s bloom.

Aldric faces his fears and Eldora and her daughter must be saved by crazed terrorists bent on destroying Aldric and his dragon. The twists and turns in the story were surprising and I couldn’t put the book down. I read it in one sitting.

Auclair’s description of the land and Aldric’s home are breathtaking. I really could envision the scenes she described in great detail, not too much to overload me, however. The dragon’s lair and launch pad were my favorites.

I loved the dragons and their relationship with their Draekon and each other. The rituals and rules were very interesting and full of emotions. Rhyl and Aldric had an incredible and personal relationship that was unique and primordial.

As you can see, I enjoyed this book greatly. I like Auclair’s writing style and her ingenious way she closes all the loops at the end. I’m so looking forward to book 2 in this series. I give her five stars for this book because she deserves it! She’s one of my favorite authors and she satisfies all my demands for a great book; excellent characters; imaginative plot; descriptive scenery that pulls me into the story; exciting dialogue; flowing writing style; sensual, intimate and steamy interaction between the hero and heroine; and, of course, a HEA. Don’t miss this book!!!

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