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Paranormal Romance Book Review: The Trickster’s Lover by Samantha MacLeod

The Trickster's Lover Book Cover The Trickster's Lover
Samantha MacLeod
Paranormal Romance
Sara K. King

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Studying ancient Norse mythology is supposed to be hard, but no one warned Caroline it would be life or death.

Caroline Capello's carefully planned life turns upside-down when Loki, the enigmatic and irresistibly sexy Norse god, appears in her apartment, cuts her clothes off, and rocks her studious world all night long. The next morning, she's convinced she imagined it all, a result of working too hard and getting too little sleep--until she sees her clothes on the floor, cut down the middle.

As Loki's unpredictable visits grow more intense and Caroline is pulled into a dangerous world of gods and magic, she turns to the ancient myths she studies for guidance. But is Loki as cruel and capricious as the stories suggest? Will he start Ragnarök, the apocalyptic final battle destined to destroy the gods and end the Nine Realms?

And does she dare trust him with her heart?

When Loki's appearances stop and Caroline's other-worldly dreams hint at a dark future, concern for her lover leads her to Val-Hall, the ancient home of Óðinn's army, where she must put everything she has learned to the test. If she fails, there's far more than Loki's life at stake.

The end of the world is on the horizon, and only a graduate student with a crush on a god can prevent it.

The Review

Samantha MacLeod dragged me into The Trickster’s Lover’s world from the very beginning. She made a potentially difficult character, the Norse God of Mischief also known as the Trickster God, into a likable and relatable character that I couldn’t help falling in love with.

The heroine, Caroline, is an intelligent woman, who although not a physical warrior, she has plenty of courage and strength in her own right. Without giving spoilers, I will admit that I did have a problem with the heroine partway through the story. For a while, I didn’t think she’d be redeemable but eventually she was.

The Trickster’s Lover, in my opinion, could have been told in a shorter novel without losing anything significant from the story. The pacing dragged a bit at times, and I did skim a few pages. But with the Norse mythology sprinkled in, the story kept me intrigued, making me want to see what happened next.

All things told, I was glad to have read it to the end. I would recommend it to others. It was a well written and crafted story.

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