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Paranormal Romance Lovers Halloween Promotion Treats and More Treats

Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Halloween Promotion Treats and More Treats Starts Today!


Paranormal Romance Lovers Halloween Promotion Treats and More Treats

**** This sales promotion is now over. You can still see what books were on sale below. Some books may still be available at the listed price! ****

Hello and welcome to our Treats and More Treats Halloween sale!

This sale runs from Monday, October 29th till Wednesday, October 31st and features over 40 books from some of your favorite paranormal romance authors!

Below you will find a variety of paranormal romance titles available from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, B&N, and even from the author’s themselves via their websites.

If you are interested in learning more about an individual author whose book is listed below, you can do so by clicking on their name. Doing so will take you to that author’s website or Amazon Author page.

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Thanks for visiting and we hope you find some great titles to add to your reading device!

Phoenix Ablaze: A BBW/ Phoenix Shifter Romance (Alpha Phoenix Book 2)
by Isadora Montrose

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(Regular Price: $3.99)

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Available from:

Mission Marriage: Wounded warrior pursues man-wary BBW.

Alpha Male and phoenix shifter Pierce doesn’t know Curvy Girl’s name. But he instinctively knows that she’s his one true love.

Divorcee Diana avoids men for good reason. Including the Hunky Dude from the gym. She’s not in the market for a replacement for her domineering ex. Can Pierce give her a second chance at love?

But how does Billionaire Pierce persuade his unwilling bride that she’s destined to be tied for life to a giant flaming bird? And how does he get her to swallow the molten Egg of Immortality?

paranormal romance book fionas mate shelley munro

Fiona’s Mates: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Churchill Polar Bears Book 1)
by Shelley Munro

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(Regular Price: $2.99)

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Available from:

One woman. Five brothers. Choosing? Impossible.

After a marriage breakup, Fiona seeks the adventure denied to her by her callous husband. She finds it when she meets the Swenson brothers in a small Arctic town. The shapeshifter brothers are busy with their fledgling ice-trucking business, but meeting Fiona sends their thoughts in a different direction. Then, danger stalks into town. If the brothers don’t act fast, not one of them will win Fiona because she’ll be dead…

Magnum, PI with a shifter twist!

After a brutal dragon shifter attack, Tessa flees to Maui, where sunny skies, swaying palms, and a handsome stranger conspire to play tricks with her heart.

Can she trust Kai Llewellyn and his band of battle-hardened shapeshifters to save her from a gruesome fate?

A she-dragon with a heist to plan.

A bear shifter with a casino to guard.

A dangerous combination, even in Las Vegas.

Nothing means more to Gideon than restoring his grace, until the one person he vowed never to see again places herself in his direct path.

The last person Dina, Captain in the Celestial Army ever expected to encounter was the one she’d lost forever. Duty, not desire, is what he instilled in her and what she will follow until, the unthinkable happens.

Torn between what they want and cannot have, Gideon and Dina must decide whether to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of humanity or let passion take them to where angels fear to tread.

paranormal romance boxset moonlight mist various authors

Moonlight Mist: A Limited Edition Collection of Fantasy & Paranormal
by Various Authors

Pre-Order It Today For Only .99 cents!
Release Date: October 30th

Available from:

Moonlight Mist
Somewhere underneath a moonlit night lies an underworld that some may not believe exists.
The creatures of this alternate plain lurk beyond the mist.
Craving for what they need.
Some may find it. Some might even curb that hunger. But a few will not.
Without knowing what it is they need to satisfy a primal need, they seek out something more. Something that will test their limits in search of something greater. Something powerful… Something everlasting.

Including stories from:
Nicole Morgan
Carma Haley Shoemaker
Krista Ames
Stephanie Morris
Tmonique Stephens
Donna R. Mercer
Jan Springer
Carly O’Shea
Deelylah Mullin
Helen Scott
Erin Lee
Terri Bruce
Sharon Coady
Kat Parrish
Berlin Rhodes
Erin Richards
Rebecca Tran
Marie Mason

“I loved it! The best books are ones you cannot anticipate what happens next. This is one of those. This one was a great read and I highly recommend it!” – 5 stars!
— Review by Karen F.

Just in time for Halloween!

When Libbie McMaster gets guilted into going out on Halloween night, the last thing on her mind is finding her mate. Her self-imposed seclusion has served her well over the past nine months, keeping the ghosts, goblins, and bad memories at bay. But when she meets Jay, her whole world is turned upside down.

paranormal romance book their runaway mate lori whyte

Their Runaway Mate (Mannix Dragon Shifters Book 1)
by Lori Whyte

Get It Today For Only .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $3.99)

Available from:

Hell, no! She won’t be sacrificed to dragons!

At least that’s what Jasmine thinks until she meets two of the sexiest males on earth.

Now she wonders if being with them isn’t such a bad thing after all…

paranormal romance book protected by the wolf lori whyte

Protected By the Wolf: A Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (A Werewolf’s Curse Book 1)
by Lori Whyte

Get It Today For FREE!

Available from:

Julie’s perfect for Brad.

He’s knows it.

But, hell, she doesn’t even know his secret yet and she keeps shooting him down.

What will happen when she discovers he is the wolf who has been protecting her house at night? Can he prove to her he’s the right man—and wolf—for her?

Sleeping Beauty never looked this hot!

It’s finally Lisa’s turn to wake her very own dragon prince with a kiss (and more), but with a battle raging outside, things quickly turn sour.

When they step outside his chamber, they find that friend and enemy alike have disappeared, leaving them alone in the middle of the Australian outback, with no vehicle and no phone reception.

And no idea who won the battle.

The hulking alien who claimed me as his mate terrifies me—but he paid in advance.

Being sold to the highest bidder wasn’t originally in Blythe’s plans, but she desperately needed to make money to send home to her father. Now, though, she’s not sure the money ever reached him, and she’s left trying to survive.

Until Korben comes along and makes her an offer she shouldn’t refuse.

Jennifer Cloud is certain of three truths: Women are just as capable as men of catching a thief. Traveling back in time is not all fun, games, and vintage Italian leather grosgrain shoes. And saving the woman who turned your life upside down can get you killed.

The smarmy Mitchell Mafuso is picking up souvenirs from the infamous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde and has no intention of being caught by the female transporter.

Jennifer may not be the best transporter, but she’s the cleverest. Join her as she travels back to the time of moonshine, speakeasies, and infamous gangsters.

Devina grew up in an asylum surrounded by those that lacked their grasp on reality. On a rare visit to the outside world, Devina starts to think she attracts the crazy when she meets a man claiming he can shift into a wolf.

Wolves normally run in packs but after being beaten, betrayed and banished all Asher wants is to be left alone. That is until a chance meeting with a woman in the woods makes him want a life he never thought he would have. Unfortunately, nothing is easy when this wolf shifter finds His Fated Mate.

Chosen By Darkness: Ravana Clan Vampires (The Ravana Clan Saga Book 1)
by E. M. Moore

Get It Today For FREE!
(Regular Price: $2.99)

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Available from:

One forgotten girl. Four determined vampire princes.

The search for their fifth will bring them more than they bargained for.

A part of the ancient magical Order of the Akasha, four male witches await their last remaining piece… only to be stunned when a badass descendant of a voodoo priestess shows up.

Despite the supernatural forces binding them together, there’s one slight problem–there’s never been a female Enforcer before. Sexy or not, the guys have sworn their allegiance to a tradition that calls her very presence unnatural.

Before it’s too late, they must uncover the secrets before their magic destroys them all.

paranormal romance boxset rite to reign

Rite to Reign: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Box Set
by Various Authors

Pre-Order It Today For .99 cents!
(Release Date: December 11th)

Available from:

Something wicked this way comes…

Willful witches, supernatural sorcerers, cruel queens, and powerful priestesses fall out of favor and rise to rule in this highly sought-after collection of spellbinding stories!

More than 20 award-winning and bestselling authors have come together to curate this bewitching boxed set collection of the best PARANORMAL ROMANCE and URBAN FANTASY books in the genre, each brimming with stories of royal magic.

I’m a warrior. Cursed to fight monsters. Sworn to act as Zeus’ sword to protect mankind.

But I’d give it all up for one last kiss with the god who stole my heart…Apollo.

How hot do you like your paranormal romance?

“This is a hot read from start to finish.” – 5 stars!
— Review by Linda

With her old pack dead and buried, wolf shifter Joy Sutherland leaves her beloved Akino lands to seek refuge with the Eryma pack of Timmins.

When she discovers Warren, her new Alpha, is also a Dom with the skills to handle her, hope flares to life. But if she can’t convince the rest of the pack to accept her, she—and her wolf—could lose their mate forever.

Unraveling the past is a dangerous game.

After tragedy strikes 17-year-old Jo Moss’s life, she becomes plagued by panic attacks and anxiety. Not even sleep is safe for her. She thought losing her boyfriend in a freak accident at The Lights, a local overlook hangout where mysterious lights dance among the trees, was the worst thing she would have to endure. She never expected to become the one everyone blamed for his death.

Plagued by more nightmares of the lights, Jo is starting to think there is more to their mysterious appearance than meets the eye. Lucky for her, she discovers she’s not the only curious one in town. Cooper, the new guy in town, and his sister Jada have been seen asking strange questions around town. They also hold a secret that could help Jo figure out what’s truly going on in her small town.

paranormal romance book not in the cards amy cissell

Not in the Cards (An Oracle Bay Novel Book 1)
by Amy Cissell

Get It Today For $3.99!

Available from:

When a true seer enters Oracle Bay, their powers awaken, they’re visited by the Psychics Union, and shenanigans ensue.

Sandy, tarot deck in hand, rents a “Psychic Reader” shop hoping distance will heal her broken heart.

Who could’ve predicted she’d fall for the man determined to destroy her new home?

paranormal romance book the cardinal gate amy cissell

The Cardinal Gate (An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 1)
by Amy Cissell

Order It Today For $2.99!

Available from:

Eleanor Morgan is faced with an impossible choice. Destroy the world of her birth or the one in which she was raised?

Sent away from the Fae court and raised as a human, Eleanor never knew the Fae realm. Now, the man she thought was her best friend reveals her destiny—to open the gates that prevented passage between the Fae and human realms.

Damien Pierce is a young man who finds himself as the target by Jillian Styles, a wolf shifter.

However, he soon learns she isn’t the only one interested in him. A lustful vampire, a vindictive god and powers he doesn’t understand?

What has he gotten himself into?

Soul-shifter Ella Masters has been betrayed in each life by men, and hunted by the Elusti. That changed the day she met her soul-mate Marcus. However, when Zephra, a witch, predicts the end of days, Ella vows to destroy her adversary once and for all.

Marcus Drayton, has a mission to prevent all-out war. Attempting to forge an alliance between the humans and the supernatural races looks unlikely as the body count continues to sweep over the East Coast. As the stakes increase, lives are forever changed, and a need to confess a dark secret to his wife haunts him.

paranormal romance book the magicians blood linda g hill

The Magician’s Blood: A Paranormal Romance (The Great Dagmaru Book 2)
by Linda G. Hill

Get It Today For $2.99!
(Regular Price: $4.99)

Available from:

Embrace a realm of family secrets, where true love bleeds for his incubus nature …
Herman Anderson, assistant to The Great Dagmaru, returns to her hometown—the first stop on their magic tour. Her family has moved without a trace.

Stephen Dagmar, a powerful stage magician, sets out to live his dream … until Herman’s father makes a prediction and resolves to come between them.

And the consequences may be deadly.
A Gothic tale of beauty and romance, sex and intrigue, this sequel to the award-winning novel The Magician’s Curse will chill you and leave you breathless for more.

paranormal romance box set moonlight monsters magic

Moonlight, Monsters & Magic: A Paranormal Romance Sexy Shorts Collection
by Various Authors

Buy It Today For Only .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $2.99)

Available from:

What do you get when you put 13 wickedly talented authors together in one collection?


Find tales of shifters and witches, ghosts and mythical creatures, and even an angel or two in this supernatural anthology of paranormal romance stories, featuring award-winning paranormal romance author, Linda G. Hill.

Treat yourself to a phenomenal read!

Deep in the wilderness of northern Canada a monster lurks.

For years, he has fought an uphill battle for his humanity, only to lose it to the beast inside him at the end.The more I get to know the man within the beast, the more reasons I find to appreciate the person I think he is.

Until I find out that the most terrifying thing about him is not his wild looks, not even his volatile temper, but his connection to the monster of my past.

After the death of her mother, Tara journeys to the small town of Malsum Pass to find the family she never knew she had and to discover just why her mother had kept this place such a secret.

The town seems idyllic despite the townspeople’s odd habit of staring and… sniffing? And while her new neighbor, Riley Cooper looks like he could have been conjured from one of Tara’s fantasies, there is definitely more going on here than meets the eye.

Tara is determined to uncover all of the secrets, even if it reveals things she never knew about herself.

Mecca is a murderer.

That’s what she thinks when she accidentally kills the man who attacks her in the parking lot of her favorite coffee shop.

When word gets back to the Visci of someone who can kill one of their kind with just a touch, the race is on to acquire Mecca as a weapon in the coming battle. Unable to trust the one person she has always counted on, Mecca is isolated from everything she once knew, all while being hunted by dangerous creatures bent on using her Gift for their own bloody purposes.

paranormal romance book concubin and her vampires julie morgan

The Concubine and Her Vampires: A Reverse Harem Vampire Paranormal Romance (The Covenant of New Orleans Book 1)
by Julie Morgan

Buy It Today For Only .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $3.99)

Available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
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Available from:

Giving yourself to one person was easy. Having fun with two, exciting. But a harem of lovers? It was more than Olivia ever considered possible.

Need, lust, and blood drive Olivia to find a strength inside herself to not only accept her five sexy-as-sin vampires, but to also protect herself from an evil hell bent on claiming her for its own.

paranormal romance book sigil fire erzabet bishop

Sigil Fire
by Erzabet Bishop

Buy It Today For Only .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $3.99)

Available from:

Sonia is a succubus with one goal: stay off Hell’s radar. But when succubi start to die, including her sometimes lover, Jeannie, she’s drawn into battle between good and evil and a past that isn’t ready to let her go.

Fae is a blood witch turned vampire, running a tattoo parlor and trading her craft for blood. She notices that something isn’t right on the streets of her city. The denizens of Hell are restless.

With the aid of her nest mate, Perry, and his partner, Charley, she races against time before the next victim falls.

Seven sexy werewolf shifters are determined to protect her. Will Snow find true love or fall victim to the new evil Queen?

A hot new Reverse Harem Romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop!

paranormal romance book crow moon shawna romkey

Crow Moon
by Shawna Romkey

Buy It Today For Only .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $2.99)

Available from:

When Lenore Devereaux loses her father, she’s sent to live with her eccentric aunt. Leni wants to go off to college and do what her father has always wanted her to do, but the mysteries of her estranged mother’s family lead her to start unraveling the secrets long ago lost and hidden away.

Will she be able to find out who she really is while living up to her father’s last wishes, or will the powers of the Crow Moon claim her for itself?

paranormal romance book speak of the devil shawna romkey

Speak of the Devil
by Shawna Romkey

Buy It Today For Only .99 cents!

Available from:

What happens when falling in love and falling from grace collide?

After dying in a car accident with her best friends, Lily awakens to grief and guilt. She comes to terms with the event and meets some people who seem all too eager to help her heal. Sliding deeper into sorrow and trying to fight her feelings for two of them, she discovers who…what they really are.

Can she find the strength to move on from the past, reconcile her feelings for Luc, figure out how to stop a divine war with fallen angels, and still pass the eleventh grade?

A deadly infection threatens to wipe out humanity. The only people who can stem its advance are the Silver, a vampiric race who offer a simple exchange: protection in return for blood and subservience.

It’s not a deal that Emmy’s willing to make, but as her world burns around her she finds herself in the arms of the enemy and the line between oppressor and saviour begins to blur.

A Bargain in Silver is the first book in Josie Jaffrey’s Solis Invicti quartet, set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic London.

paranormal romance book shadow love nadirah foxx

Shadow Love
by Nadirah Foxx

Buy It Today For $2.99!

Available from:

Vampire fangs, vials of dragon’s blood, and tarot cards. Just a few of the oddities found at Vanpeer’s—a metaphysical gift shop found in the French Quarter. But when the owner, Twilight Vanpeer, uncrates an obsidian mirror she’s unprepared for the secrets it unlocks.

The sudden arrival of a tall handsome stranger, Dwade Marks, jostles Twilight’s life. Suddenly, she’s dealing with memories that make no sense. But bad dreams aren’t that serious when that’s all they are. Hers, unfortunately, contain an awareness that needs to stay hidden.

Adding to the weirdness is the fact Twilight is torn between two men—Dwade and her lifelong best friend, Preston Montgomery. One man is the key to her past while the other holds her future.

Things get out of hand quickly when someone starts killing women who look like Twilight. Both men are suspicious but only one can hold her heart.

paranormal romance book the poison within kasia bacon

The Poison Within: An Order Universe Short Story (Inspector Skaer Book 1)
by Kasia Bacon

Buy It Today For Only .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $1.99)

Available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
(Click here to see how you can try Kindle Unlimited FREE for one month!)

Available from:

An aristocrat who craves a firm hand in the bedroom.
A commoner who knows how to lend it.
Three murders. And a creature of the night…

(The Poison Within is an M/M fantasy romance)

Raised by a father who curses the day she was born, Carolena finds herself in the swamps of south Louisiana in an effort to evade an arranged marriage. When kidnapped by a local man, she flees into the deepest, darkest portion of the swamps to escape him.

She’s also caught the eye of the most dangerous creature there, one of legend — of nightmares.

Carnage is Gargoyle. He’s also volatile, unpredictable, and lonely. One evening, he spies a female running headlong into the sanctuary he calls home. He makes a snap decision that changes both their lives forever…

He’s keeping her.

Alpha’s Call: A Collection of Shifter Romances
by Various Authors

Buy It Today For Only .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $2.99)

Available from:

Can you resist the Alpha’s Call?

This collection of hot alpha males is a must have for every shifter lover’s ebook library. Six bestselling, fan-favorite authors bring you action-packed romances ranging from sensual to scorching. Wolves, big cats, dragons, and much more heat up the pages.

Go ahead. Ignore the Alpha’s Call. We dare you.

Featuring Bestselling Authors: Lia Davis
Louisa Bacio
Kristal Hollis
Christa Ann
Lori Titus
Misha Carver

When Alex Taleisin’s immortal DNA kicks in after a fight for her life against something not-quite-human in the YMCA parking lot, her Aunt finally lets her in on the family secret. They’re Immortal – Elementals to be precise. Only, Alex is a little something more, and until they discover what, her life is in danger.

Collum Thronus, Guardian of the Races and savage King of the Dragons has no choice but to protect Alex and find her father’s people. He made a promise and Collum always keeps his promises. Now, he needs to keep his hands of his charge..

The vampire race is dying. Love could save it–or cause it to go extinct. Reinis is a vampire assigned to mate with a human. If he falls for Sarma, he faces execution.

Sarma has no clue about a Reinis’ dark, seductive world. She’s thrown into a vampire war as Reinis marks her as his mate. And a rival coven is after Sarma…

paranormal romance book - touched by abbey macmunn

by Abbey MacMunn

Buy It Today For $3.99!

Available from:

Her touch could mend his immortal heart. His touch could kill her…

When inquisitive antique dealer Cami Wilson learns she’s the revered offspring of an immortal mother and a mortal father, it’s not just her hybrid status that has her all flustered. The title comes with her very own super-sexy guardian.

Jaded immortal Joseph Carlisle has only one thing on his mind; his sworn duty to protect the hybrid from those who wish her harm. Anything else would be complicated. That is until they meet.

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