Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Stance on The Practice of Bookstuffing


It has come to our attention recently some of our past newsletters promoted authors who are guilty of “bookstuffing”.

Bookstuffing is the practice where an author advertises their book as a self-contained book when it actually contains multiple stories but isn’t listed as a “boxset” or “a collection”. While this is great for the reader, it is a scam.

Self-publishing authors (which makes up the majority of authors you see on Paranormal Romance Authors) make money one of two ways with Amazon. If they are enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, then they (the author) gets paid so much for each sale of their book and also from how many pages of their book is turned to or accessed by someone on their reading device.

Some authors have chosen to game the system by adding more stories or content to their book which is being sold and marketed as a single story book. This is done with the intention that people who buy their book will go through the pages beyond the first story, leading to more pages being accessed which leads to a higher monthly payout for them.

Granted, there are some authors who add bonus content to their book like a reference section or a couple of pages to promote their other titles or character biographies and the like. This is not bookstuffing and is totally acceptable by other authors and readers. Bookstuffing is when a book contains multiple books and bonus material far beyond what is normal.

This practice not only harms those authors who are honest and do not scam the system but it also leaves a bad taste in readers mouths as we have discovered.

We at Paranormal Romance Lovers DO NOT condone this practice. Any author found doing this WILL NOT have that particular book promoted by us.

The only way we ourselves can determine if an author is possibly doing this is is from other authors or readers- like you- notifying us and / or by checking the page count of their newsletter submission. If it is unusually high, then we will ask the author to send us a screenshot of your submission’s table of contents.

Making a living as a writer is difficult. It is not fair to authors who work hard to sell their books to have others in their field game the system to favor themselves over their fellow authors. We are taking a stand against this practice and we hope you- as fans of this genre and the authors you see here- join us by letting us know when you come across a book you think is guilty of bookstuffing or by voicing your opinion in the Comment section below.

Any questions concerning this matter can be sent to us at Thanks.

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