Prowlers and Growlers cover

Paranormal Romance Pre-Orders for March


At the beginning of each month, we will inform you of upcoming paranormal romance titles which are available for pre-ordering!

Some of the benefits of pre-ordering titles is you don’t have to keep tabs on when a particular title you’re interested in comes out because it’ll automatically be available to you when it does, some authors offer discounted pricing for pre-orders, and it does help the author themselves from a marketing standpoint.

Prowlers and Growlers cover
Cover for paranormal romance book Phoenix Aflame
Cover for paranormal romance book A Vampire's Tale
Join the dark side with ***ALL NEW*** stories from some of your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and Award Winning, Bestselling authors.
Step into the shadows with witches, werewolves, shifters, vampires, and soul mates: the sizzling hot alphas you love.
Are you fated to find your fantasy lover in these seductive, steamy pages bursting with danger and desire? Claim your book boyfriend now!
Sparks fly when Phoenix Shifter Col. Harrison D’Angelo and his billionaire clan sweep BBW Tasha and her daughter Rebecca into the protection of their family compound. To protect curvy Tasha and keep his young daughter with him, widower Harrison suggests a marriage of convenience.

Divorcée Tasha doesn’t want to remarry. But their little girls are best friends. Becky shares her mom’s peril. Unlike her ex, wealthy Alpha Male Harrison is obviously not after her money. Plus they can’t act on the sizzle between them unless they marry. Not with the kids watching their every move.

Alpha Male Harrison has no idea that Fate has handed him not just a bedmate but a second true mate. He has no intention of offering Tasha the Gift of the Phoenix. But when necessity forces him to share immortality with his new wife, their destiny is altered forever. Harrison now has to figure out how to keep his wife and daughters alive while earning the love he claimed not to want.

A Vampire’s Tale focuses on heroine Marisa Clements who is a struggling writer. Unknown to her, a paranormal skeptic, a vampire has been influencing her life path. This is not any ordinary vampire. Corgan Halton is ancient and powerful with the ability to see the future. He wants to tell his story and end his life. He chooses Marisa to author his tale. But his presence in her life puts her into danger, the helpless target for Corgan’s enemies.

It takes a coordinated group (of wizards and vampires) effort to fight the enemy. During the progression of the story, Marisa and Corgan fall in love – the emotions intensified by the high-pressure, dangerous situation they find themselves in.

Available: April 25th
Available: April 23rd
Available: March 22nd
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Cover for paranormal romance book Desert Roots
Daredevil Carly Hawthorne, youngest of the Hawthorne clan, doesn’t believe in true love. At least, that’s what she thinks until bad boy Luke Brandstetter comes along, refusing to play by the rules.

Luke is a man with more wrongs than rights in his past, and his scarred shifter soul yearns to turn over a new leaf. Somehow, he has to prove himself worthy — not just to Carly, but to her powerful pack of wolves. Can he protect his stubborn beauty from encroaching evil and earn a fresh start in life, or is love just another cruel trick of fate?

Available: March 30th
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