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Paranormal Romance Pre-Orders for May 2017


At the beginning of each month, we will inform you of upcoming paranormal romance titles which are available for pre-ordering!

Some of the benefits of pre-ordering titles is you don’t have to keep tabs on when a particular title you’re interested in comes out because it’ll automatically be available to you when it does, some authors offer discounted pricing for pre-orders, and it does help the author themselves from a marketing standpoint.

Authors- if you have a book coming out in the near future and would like to see it included in an upcoming Pre-Order post, just visit our Advertise on PNR page to find out how!

Only the strongest will survive.

Miranda Sage

After killing the most prominent man’s son in Faction Twelve, Miranda Sage is on the run. And Lord Manchester will stop at nothing to get her back as she’s his most prized possession. Her only chance for survival is to hide. But how can she when Eric Winters is on her trail?

Eric Winters

When it comes to hunting witches, Eric Winters is the man to call. No matter what, he always gets his man…or woman, especially if they’re a witch. To him, witches should have never been allowed into their faction. It doesn’t matter if Fae need their magic or not, they are not to be trusted. The best witch is a dead witch. Or so he thought.

Two sworn enemies trapped in an abandoned cabin during a fierce snowstorm. One bitter with resentment for Fae having to depend on witches for their powers. The other determined to end the senseless slaying of witches only for magic. But as the secrets of their worlds merge, it changes everything. They discover more than they intended to. Love. Now, their ultimate goal is to save the faction by bringing Fae and witches together and ending the darkness Lord Manchester has over the land. That means going up against the Lord himself. If they fail, not only will many innocent lives be lost, but the Lord will make sure their deaths won’t be an easy one.

Liva Kasun is a Nightwraith. A witch on her father’s side, a demon on her mother’s. Only she wants absolutely nothing to do with the darkness of her heritage.

Devoted to beauty and light, she uses her material empath skills to aid people in need. But when a Fae walks into her antique shop, Liva’s idyllic life shatters.

Because not only is Cian a member of a demon-hunting race.

The Fae is as sexy as he is lethal.

Windstorm is a standalone HEA paranormal romance.

Available: June 6, 2017
Available: July 18, 2017

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