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QOTW: If You Had To Choose One Paranormal Creature To Be, Which Would You Be And Why?


A new feature we are trying on the site is the Question of the Week where we ask you, our readers and visitors, a question pertaining to paranormal romance.

We encourage everyone who wishes to participate to leave their comment(s) in the Comment section below. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer so have fun!

This week’s question is: If You Had To Choose One Paranormal Creature To Be, Which Would You Be And Why?

Is it a fiery dragon? A seductive vampire? A dangerous werewolf? Or is it something else?

Thanks for participating and we look forward to seeing what you think!

15 Replies to “QOTW: If You Had To Choose One Paranormal Creature To Be, Which Would You Be And Why?

  1. HI PNR Lovers!!

    If I had to choose one PNR creature to be it would be a kick-a$$ VAMPIRE! FANGS DOWN! wink

    I have ALWAYS been a Vampire gal, before they even became a “paranormal creature”! Back then it was mostly the “horror” side, but I was just so captivated by them! Now that it is popular for them to a romantic hero/lead, well, I just swoon even more so!

    Cheers! xoxo

  2. I would choose to be a wolf shifter! They are hother and sexy as all get out! I am ferocious when it comes to protecting my clan, and Wolf seems to fit my personality.

  3. If I had to choose which paranormal I would, I would be a dragon. They are beautiful, strong, can fly and I have always been fascinated by stories about dragons.

  4. I think a dragon shifter, would be my first choice, why??, well they are pretty invincible and those gorgeous colours they tend to incorporate throughout their body and huge wings, they are also able to take long long long, rest periods, and are basically immortal. So sure they lay egg’s but we’ll!!! there could be worse things to be concerned about, and that skin when they are in dragon form is like armour, so I have real trouble thinking of to many negatives, so yep a dragon is for me

  5. I love all paranormal novel whether romantic or thriller I would lean more to the adventure thriller side with the romance. Hybrid a bit of all, that how much I love them.

  6. As much as I love werewolves I would have to say vampires or preferably Carpathian would definitely be my favorite . As for where I would want to take place anywhere in the mountains setting preferably with rivers or lakes close by.

  7. I would choose a werewolf. I love all the extra senses and the idea of running as a wolf. Being able to run in the woods and be free like that is appealing.

  8. Wow! this is a hard one! Each creature has its own great features I admire. i guess i would have to chose being a wolf.

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