A new feature we are rolling out this week is the Question of the Week where we ask you, our readers and visitors, a question pertaining to paranormal romance. We encourage everyone who wishes to participate to leave their comment(s) in the Comment section below. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer so have fun!

This week’s question is: Which do you prefer as the lead in a paranormal romance: a werewolf, a dragon, a vampire, or some other type of shape-shifter and why?

Thanks for participating and we look forward to seeing what you think!

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8 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Which Do You Prefer as the Lead in a Paranormal Romance: a Werewolf, a Dragon, a Vampire, or Some Other Type of Shape-Shifter and Why?

  1. I adore dragons. There’s just something mystical about them. All that power and strength. And then combine it with a man who is capable of stealing a woman’s heart and keeping it safe for all time… yeah, it’s perfect.

  2. Vampires
    The thought of being loved for eternity sparks the romance in me.
    Not to mention the mysterious powers each one has.

  3. I’m a fan of dragon shifters – I love the interplay between their human qualities and their oh-so-dragon urges because it makes for interesting times!

  4. That’s a really hard question to answer! It depend’s on the story which one I would like. I love them all! How could you not? So to answer the question …it depends on the story!
    I love them all

  5. Dragons and wolves are my favorite!! I cannot just choose one! They are hot, hot, hot!! They both are loyal and would do anything for their loves!

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