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wanted teaser 6The latest from paranormal romance author, Kristen Strassel, entitled Wanted: A Blood Courtesans Novel was released recently through Kindle Unlimited. Kristen was nice enough to send us an excerpt from her new book which you can read below:

I jumped when someone moved my hair away from my shoulder. "Drink," the deep, silky voice commanded. I closed my eyes, relishing the shivers the sound sent over me. He had an accent, but I couldn't place it with one word. "You won't be as nervous."
This was my guy. I almost didn't want to look at him, so he could forever remain my fantasy. Especially with that sexy accent. I picked up the glass and winced at the first swallow of the spicy wine. 
He laughed. "It's an acquired taste. Like many things here. Turn around, Corynne. Let me really see you."
Again, I did as he asked. The way his voice sounded I'd follow him straight into Hell, which was a very real possibility. Since the auction he'd added a black jacket to his outfit. His Adam's apple bobbed at his open collar. 
He was nervous, too. 
For once, I felt like I had some of that power Sabrina kept insisting I had. His gaze warmed me, surrounding me like an embrace. I was hungry for so much more, but I had to be careful. I finally dared to look at his face. Dark, shaggy hair framed pale skin that practically glowed in the candlelight. He had high cheekbones and full lips that I wanted to touch. But he wasn't perfect. He'd struggled, too.I liked that, we had something in common. His nose wasn't straight and he had a faint scar on his cheek. 
I'd never been this close to a man before besides my dad, and that definitely wasn't the same thing. The vampire didn't look much older than me, ten years or so, but he had a gravity about him that made age meaningless. Like he could stop time from moving the same way he could stop a heart from beating. It was only him and me in the room, in the city, in the entire world. 
It was killing me not to look him in the eye. 
The vampire was beside me now, and I had no idea how or when that happened. He picked up my wine glass and touched it to my lips. I shook my head. "I don't want to get drunk."
 "I like the way it looks on your lips. Like you just drank from me." He nudged the glass, and I took a tiny sip. It tasted better this time.
The hint of a sexy smile spreading on his face when I leaned closer to him was enough to turn me to goo. As long as he didn't know that, this was going to be fun. "I don't drink from anyone unless I know their name."
This was a game I'd never win.Something had come over me, the couple sips of wine mixed with his scent. He'd paid top dollar for this night and I had no intention of being spit back into a world that antagonized me. Staying here was my best chance at any kind of future. I planned on giving him his money's worth.
He laughed. Put his head back, and let rip. I let a little more wine slip down my throat. Our gazes locked. Shit.
I turned back to the table quickly, and put the glass down. He snatched it away, and when it returned to the table, it was empty. He moved my hair off my shoulder again. This time, I didn't like it as much. "I don't need cheap tricks to win you over, Corynne. Look at me."
You can purchase Wanted: A Blood Courtesans Novel through Kindle Unlimited, and be sure to visit Kristin's website and follow her on Facebook.


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