Spotlight On The Battle of the Beasts Participants!

With the final competition taking place this week, we wanted to shine the spotlight on all the participants of the past three week’s competitions.

BotB: Vampires Competitors!

Enduring Kiss cover
Wanted cover
Twilights Children

Evry Night
Darkest Communion cover
Primal Hunger cover

Ward of the Vampire cover
Die by the Drop cover
Lust in Tooth cover

Bitten cover
Blue Moon House cover
Marked cover

Violet Chaser cover
The Dresdan Coven cover
Guns and Fangs cover

BotB: Werewolves Competitors!

Carparthian Wolf cover
cloaked cover
Embraced cover

Garen cover
Guardian cover
Bad To The Bone cover

Wicked For You cover
Out of the Shadows cover

Out of the Shadows

Bethany Shaw

BotB: Beastly Creatures Competitors!

A Question of Faith cover
Camael's Battle cover
Destined cover

Dragon Reborn cover
Dragon's Successor cover
Lust in Tooth and Claw cover

by Ina Morata

Shifted Obsessions cover
Sorceress Awakening cover
The Alpha Warlock's Own cover

The Clawed Squad cover
The Trickster's Lover cover
To Love a Highland Dragon cover

unforgettable lover cover
Zorth cover
Waking The Dragon cover

Darkness Rising cover
the fall of kass cover
The Man in Black cover


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