Series Spotlight


Series Spotlight is a way for paranormal romance fans to learn about and / or discover new paranormal romance series.

Here, you will find links to different paranormal romance series of books. Each link will take you to a page dedicated to that series of books. Each page will have a summary of the series, some will have extra information provided by the author, and book covers for each title written for the series so far.

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Series Spotlight Directory

Return to Avalore series by Elianne Adams

Weres and Witches of Silver Lake series by Vella Day

Desired by the Vampire King Series by T. S. Ryder

A Forest of Darkness series by Kate Wendley

The Third Throne series by Tabitha Barret

The Bound Ones series by Tricia Barr

The Water Kingdom series by Kevin James Breaux

The Covenant series by Betty Shreffler

Water Skippers by Jennifer Julie Miller

Team Greywolf series by Eva Gordon

COLONEY World series by Regina Morris