Desired by the Vampire King Series by T. S. Ryder


Series: Desired by the Vampire King

Author: T. S. Ryder

Series Summary:

He’s the Vampire King. He wants me. He owns me. So here I am. He’s the hottest beast I’ve ever seen. I’m waiting for his fangs to finally pierce my skin. But we’re not alone. There’s danger lurking in the shadows. Can he protect me? Can he claim me?

Titles in the series:

A curvy single mom struggling to get by PLUS a hot Vampire King who wants an heir PLUS a dark enemy planning a lethal attack!

Naya Valadez is a curvy single mother who will do anything to properly take care of her three-year-old daughter–even sign up to be a living blood donor for the ruling Vampire elite. With her rare blood type, she is a hot commodity.

What she was not expecting was to be claimed by Gabriel, the Vampire King…

But it’s not all about blood when it comes to Gabriel. He has decided that he wants to have a child. This is only possible during the Blood Moon when all Vampires transform back into humans for the night. The moment Gabriel scents Naya, he knows that she will be fertile, and perfect to bear his child for him.

It’s only a business arrangement–until it’s not…

Just when Naya and Gabriel start to reveal their true feelings to each other, a dangerous enemy reveals themselves and love turns lethal.

Will Naya and Gabriel find a way to escape the enemy and be together? Or will they lose everything they love? Find out now.

A curvy runaway trying to survive PLUS a sexy Vampire King who wants a child PLUS a killer on the loose!

Twenty-something Rosa Lopez is on the run, hiding from her abusive stepfather. Living in a women’s shelter and struggling to feed herself, life isn’t easy. So when Angelus Rex, King of the Vampires, offers her a way out, she accepts.

The deal is simple. She gets all the riches and luxury she could ever imagine. In return, she will be his mistress and have his child.

Angelus has been a Vampire for hundreds of years. Now he wants an heir. And with her lush curves and delicious smell, Rosa is the one he wants to impregnate.

What started off as a business contract becomes complicated when Angelus and Rosa find a passion that neither can deny.

But there are enemies who want to destroy Angelus and his mate. Don’t they know what happens when they cross a Vampire King?

When everything that he loves is in danger of crumbling to dust, Angelus has to make a decision that could destroy everything. Can Angelus save Rosa and their baby? Is he prepared to risk it all to save the one he loves?

A BBW who needs money PLUS a vampire king who wants to impregnate her PLUS a violent enemy out for revenge!

Maribel Arnaz never thought she’d sell off her virginity. But she’s about to…

Robbed of everything by an ex-boyfriend, Maribel needs money. One signature and some blood, and she has what she wants – a job as a vampire’s blood donor. This should be easy, right? Right. Until the sexy-as-hell vampire king makes her an offer. She can have whatever she wants, if she bears him a child.

It’s just a business agreement. No emotions involved. So why is she so drawn to that predatory gleam in his eyes?

Vampire king Sheridan wants an heir and has found the right woman for the job. But he can’t satisfy his needs, because he might lose control and hurt his human mate. What is he supposed to do? She tortures him with her golden-olive skin, lush curves and body made for love. How much longer before he gives into temptation?

When others try to take her away from him, there’s nothing he won’t do to make them pay. There’s only one way to make them obey a vampire king. Fight. Destroy. Anything to get her back.

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A desperate curvy virgin PLUS a vampire king who needs fresh blood PLUS lethal beasts and enemies out to kill!

Curvy Sofia Velásquez is desperate and poor. So when the vampire king offers her a million dollars a year to be his new blood donor, she doesn’t hesitate.

She just needs to make sure she doesn’t faint every time he flashes his firm abs and delicious V. Her virginity needs to be protected at all cost.

Vampire king Aaron is every woman’s fantasy. Tall and square-shouldered, his body radiates power and confidence. He gets everything he wants. And what he wants is his new blood donor and her curves. He can just claim her, right?

Um, wrong. Turns out the path to love is paved with curses, potions, witches, and beasts. And all of them are out to get Sofia and Aaron.

Can Aaron protect Sofia against evil? Will they risk everything for a chance to live? And can Sofia stay a virgin and get pregnant at the same time?

It’s time for Aaron to show what he’s worth. He’s the king, and they’re about to find out what that means.

A curvy virgin paying off her debts PLUS a jealous vampire king looking for a donor PLUS enemies who will do anything to destroy him!

Aria Taylor wakes to her biggest nightmare when Gavin, the vampire king, drags her out of bed in the middle of the night. Aria’s father owes him money and Gavin has come to take him away.

There’s only one way out: Aria has to become Gavin’s blood donor to pay off the debt. Too bad that she hates her bloodsucker. What right does this possessive beast have to be so handsome and yet so cruel?

Gavin is more than happy with his new blood donor. Her full curves drive him crazy and he can’t wait to pierce her skin with his fangs. The thought of teaching this virgin all the pleasures of the body stirs fires inside of him…

But Gavin has enemies and things take a turn for the worst when Aria suddenly disappears. Where is she? Gavin knows one thing for sure. No matter what it takes, he will get her back.

He’s coming for her.

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Available from Amazon

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