A Forest of Darkness by Kate Wendley


Series: A Forest of Darkness

Author: Kate Wendley

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Series Summary:

Vampires, werewolves, humans and more battle real and personal demons in this modern day Paranormal Romance Series set in the shadows of the ‘City in a Forest’, Atlanta, GA.

Titles in the series:

The gruesome duties of being the Master Vampire of the Atlanta territory are enough to tempt Anthony into turning his emotions off for good and becoming the monster he sees in the mirror, once and for all. But a flirtatious chance meeting with a beautiful human shocks his heart into remembering sensations he thought he’d long lost the ability to experience. Oblivious to the supernatural world existing in the shadows all around her, Kaia has secrets of her own, though, like why she’s the only human living at Wild Woods, home to Anthony’s bitter foe, Ethan.

As family responsibilities keep Anthony tied to a life of violence, and Ethan’s taunting threats finally step over the line, Kaia becomes Anthony’s beacon of light in his otherwise dark world. But is her love for real, or just a ploy to tear his world apart?

An Alpha Wolf too wild for love…

Having the rare ability to read minds won Sebastian no friends in a world full of secrets. Years of being shunned by the very people he’s sworn to protect only reinforces his bad attitude while he cultivates the deadly power of his wolf, keeping it barely contained most days.

A collision with the sweet woman of his dreams tests his ability to be more than just the angry, brute Alpha Wolf people know him as. But as his nagging fight with the old Alpha heats up, and Sebastian’s own screw up threatens an important friendship, he aches to lash out more than ever.

Jade doesn’t understand why it’s so hard to find love. All she wants is someone sweet and polite, and someone who never brings up the fact that once a month she has to go through the nightmare of shifting into a jaguar. Her animal abilities are the weakest in the family so most days she can easily ignore that part of her existence. But after crashing into Sebastian, the most powerful, terrifying, and sexy shifter in Atlanta, her cat is awake in every good and horrible way, whether she likes it or not…

Getting revenge was supposed to end his pain…

Ethan was a powerful Master Vampire. He wasn’t supposed to need help… Beckoning home the only vampire he’d ever made in order to exact long overdue justice, Ethan’s link to this killer was driving him mad. As he focused on his plans for what, and who, might be left behind once he righted the heart wrenching wrongs of his past, a beautiful new vampire in town threatens to distract him from his mission.

Harmony snuck into the rumored supernatural nirvana of Atlanta, GA with weapons and an attitude. Forever searching for the elusive something or someone that could satisfy her restless vampire soul, she was ready for anything that came her way… or so she thought. A murdered lover, a killer who thought he’d redeemed himself, and a sexy man that calmed her itch to move on force her to decide what she’s willing to do for love.

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Available from Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo
Available from Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

After a lifetime of lies, he didn’t know who he was anymore, so how could he ever be what she needed?

Vince grew up believing he was only part werejaguar… a hybrid. He had supernatural abilities but no cat inside him. Found out by the community he’d been trying to hide from, his eyes are suddenly opened to everything he’d ever believed about himself, all of it a lie. It’s now a race against time as he fights to heal his broken body before sexy Penny, a werecoyote, finds out he’s not the man she thinks he is.

Penny was good with computers, not men. But when hot as the sun Vince came along, she did something she’s never done before… she tried her hardest to be nice. And it almost worked, until she realized he was keeping things from her.

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