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Return To Avalore Series by Elianne Adams


Series: Return To Avalore

Author: Elianne Adams

Series Summary:

Scorching hot romance in a paranormal world where normal is anything but, and danger lurks in every darkened corner. Sexy as sin dragon, phoenix, and gryphon shifters make your heart melt, and put some sizzle into your romance.

Return To Avalore is Elianne Adam’s debut series, comprised of five books. The book, Return to Avalore, collects books 0 through 3 of the series.

Titles in the series:

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For years, Rhia Atkinson has been on the run. The same vicious creatures that killed her mother are on the hunt, and she’s the prey. With the monsters hot on her heels, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep running.

On the brink of extinction, the people of Avalore are desperate to find their long lost queen. When Drake Sperwell finally finds her, all he has to do is keep Rhia safe, and bring her home. But his dragon wants more—it wants her.

“I love the intricate world Elianne has woven in Avalore. The magic and people are so unique, yet familiar. I can’t wait to read more.”— K.Dunst

“I loved this story! All the characters were awesome and the story line was awesome. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t want to leave any spoilers so I am saying if you like dragons, shifters of any kind, hot hero’s, beautiful heroines and countries that need help plus lot’s of action then this book is for you. Good job Ms. Adams!”— Kindle Customer

Shattered by bitter rejection, Brienne Roberts flees Avalore. Taken in by the Erritols, she’s stunned at the kindness displayed by her supposed sworn enemies. The curse that surrounds her new family torments them, and she is determined to end it, no matter the cost.

Evan Mayfield, her named mate, will stop at nothing to eliminate all threats to his people. Discovering Brienne living with the man-beasts disgusts and infuriates him, but he must do his duty—to bring her back to face justice with her people, and himself.

Brienne’s pride cannot smother the undeniable love she has for Evan. And despite Brienne’s treachery, keeping her at arm’s length will be the hardest thing Evan has ever done.

“A GREAT book by Elianne Adams!!! I am new to her books!! This is a great series!!!” — Lisa Myers

“I am so in love with this series! Every book controls my attention to the point I can’t put them down. This novella was no exception.” — Natasha H.

“You won’t be able to put it down. I tend to think fairy tales are for children but this one is definitely for adults only!” — sandigger1

“So romantic! So sweet! So sexy! So dreamy! So good! Sigh………. Fantastic entertainment and a great read!” — jlswainsboro

Chantelle Warren is just biding her time until after the Christmas celebration she’s planning. Then she’ll ask the Elders to name her mate, because after months of Sebastian’s flirty smiles and almost innocent touches, she’s ready for more and confident he’s the one.

Sebastian Robins wants nothing more than to find his raven-haired beauty wrapped in nothing but a bow beneath the Christmas tree. But with feelings already running deep, he has to stand firm. His dragon doesn’t like his resolve, and keeps pushing him toward Chantelle’s phoenix, but Sebastian can’t risk losing his heart if Chantelle isn’t his fated mate.

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“Omg! What an absolute spectacular book! Have your tissues ready. I laughed, I cried. I LOVE all of Elianne Adams books but this one is my favorite so far!” — Crystal’s Quirky Reviews~

From the moment she set eyes on Aiken Mayfield, Mari was certain of one thing—he was her predestined mate. On a quest to find the answers to why the people of Avalore can no longer shift, Mari unwittingly unleashes powers within her she never knew she had. But without proper training, that very power drains her energy, threatening to kill her.

Willing to do anything to save Mari, Aiken embarks on a journey with her to find a lost the lost settlement of mages beyond their borders. They hold the answers to restore her to full health, but when the solution puts her in the arms of another man, can Aiken do what’s right and step aside?

A hunter for their people, Rogan, a jaguar shifter, never imagined finding his mate, much less have it be an Avalorian female, but mates are rare, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her.

More than two decades after Queen Angelique’s death, Barbara Morgan struggles to find the will to go on without the queen’s light. The darkness invading her soul threatens not only her, but all of Avalore.

The dragon deep within her spirit has gone dormant, refusing to face the hopelessness plaguing their people. Desperate for a break from the endless misery, she turns to Clay, igniting the passion sizzling between them for one glorious night. When the Elders announce the reigning queen still lives, Barbara faces the biggest decision of her life. Turn her back on Clay to join with her predestined mate, or condemn their entire race to extinction.

Clayton Matthews has wanted Barbara for as long as he can remember. Each day she slips farther and farther from his grasp. Stubborn gryphon that he is, he refuses to let her go, so when she turns to him for comfort he can’t deny her. He doesn’t want to. Their one night of passion isn’t enough, and he wants so much more. He’d do anything to keep her safe, but can he step aside and watch the only woman he’s ever loved be joined with another man?

“Great fantasy story the first book I have read in a bundle of different writers and hooked me to this land of Avalore so that I want to read moore about the people that lived there and I have buy this bundle and I loved it and can’t wait for moore books.” — Liesbeth De Groot

This special edition collects Books 0 – 3 of the Return To Avalore series

Scorching hot romance in a paranormal world where normal is anything but, and danger lurks in every darkened corner. Sexy as sin dragon, phoenix, and gryphon shifters make your heart melt, and put some sizzle into your romance.

Flickering Light ~ Darkness eats at Barbara’s soul. Clayton has kept her from succumbing to the evil plaguing their people, but even with his strength, she can’t face the bleakness of her existence anymore. When hope for their people means she’ll not only have to hang on, but be mated, Barbara has to choose between her love for Clay, and the survival of their people.

Call of the Dragon ~ Drake has finally found the lost queen of Avalore. With the enemy nipping at their heels, all he has to do is bring her home, but his dragon wants more—it wants her.

Rise of the Phoenix ~ Heart shattered, Brienne flees Avalore and takes refuge with her supposed sworn enemies. With a curse to break, she can’t go home. Evan, head of the Coalition, will stop at nothing to keep Avalore safe. To do that, he has to bring the beasts—and his mate—to justice.

Once Upon a Fiery Christmas ~ Hoping to cheer her homesick friend, Chantelle throws together Avalore’s first Christmas celebration. She enlists Sebastian’s help to pull it off, but when things don’t go according to plan, will their first Christmas be their last?

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