paranormal romance book - angel of darkness

The Third Throne Series by Tabitha Barret


Series: The Third Throne

Author: Tabitha Barret

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Series Summary:

The Third Throne Series is a Steamy Paranormal Romance filled with action, passion, and intrigue.

One woman is destined to end the world, but is she the hero or the villain? Even she isn’t sure. First, she must figure out her true identity, and then she must find the ten deadly angels who were created to tempt the mortals. Sadly, these Fallen Angels have been apart from her for too long and are mired in darkness. Can she gain their loyalty before they fulfill their vow to kill her?

She will face many enemies who want her dark power for themselves and they will stop at nothing to control her or kill her. While defending herself from unseen forces, she must protect past lovers from her countless lifetimes as a mortal before her enemies use them as weapons against her. Can she survive long enough to bring about the end of the world?

Titles in the series:

paranormal romance book - angel of darkness
paranormal romance book - angel of death
paranormal romance book - angel of vengeance

Winner of the Top Medalist Honor in the New Apple Literary 2015 Summer eBook Awards in the category of Adult Romance.

What if loving someone brought you pure joy, but put you and the world in danger? Would you choose love and take the risk, or suffer to keep the world safe?

Michelle Black wishes for a normal life, but deep down she knows she is different. Plagued with nightmares of the Realms of Torture and the ability to see the sins of men, she finds herself in Hell, unable to escape.

Lucifer wants his prize, the woman promised to him long ago. He fears that she will learn the truth about who she is and what she is destined to become. He will do whatever it takes to keep her, even if it means lying to her.

Can Michelle tame the darkest parts of Lucifer or will his darkness consume her? Can he learn to care for someone he considers his property? Will she find out the truth about her dark destiny?

The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness is the first book in the steamy Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance series that beings the countdown to the Apocalypse.

*Note that this book is intended for Mature Readers due to foul language, sex, violence, and death.

1st Place Winner Urban Fantasy Novel in the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer Awards 2015

1st Place Winner Urban / Fantasy Romance Series in the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer Awards 2015

What lengths would you go to if someone you loved was in pain and you could help them? What would you sacrifice?

Anjali’s journey has begun as she searches for ten angels that will help her fulfill her destiny of ending the world. While searching for her troubled Angel of Death, Alazar, she meets a handsome mortal named Derick, a paranormal investigator who has stumbled upon the hiding place of her dangerous angel. She must figure out how to stop Alazar from destroying the town while keeping the alluring mortal safe.

Alazar, the Angel of Death, is struggling to carry out his task of tempting the mortals. He is pushing them beyond their limits and forcing them to harm others or themselves. He believes that his Master, Anjali, has abandoned him and the other Predznak and left them to suffer on their own. He blames Anjali for his pain and is on the verge of becoming a Rogue Angel.

Derick and his friends, the Spirit Experts, are exploring a Romanian castle and searching for proof of the afterlife. When a mysterious woman named Annie befriends their group, Derick has trouble focusing on the investigation and can’t stop thinking about this fascinating woman.

Can Anjali convince Alazar that she wants to save him, not force him into subjugation? Can she help him become the angel he is meant to be? Will she keep Derick from learning her real identity as they become closer?

When a dangerous drug lord escapes from the Realm of Nightmares in Hell, he finds a way to raise his former gang members from the dead in an effort to seek revenge against his enemies. Anjali must hunt the prisoners and drag them back to Hell. She will enlist the help of a handsome mortal who has more knowledge of her world than he should. Together, they will try to stop a war that could obliterate an entire city.

Balthazar, the Angel of Vengeance, has suffered at the hands of Lucifer and the Predznak for centuries. He blames the absence of his Master, Anjali, for his pain. He made a promise long ago to kill his loathsome master. Hatred and anger cloud his mind and his only salvation may come from the very person he is desperate to kill.

Can Anjali protect herself from Balthazar’s need for retribution, while keeping a horde of rotting corpses from causing chaos in the streets? Can she unlock the mystery surrounding the unusual appearance of the deadly creatures?

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paranormal romance book - angel of fear
When threatened by a powerful enemy, what lengths will she go to in order to save someone she loves?

Anjali, while recovering from a failed coup attempt in Hell, must battle false gods who plan to wreak havoc on the Mortal Realm. She must hunt an old enemy and drag him back to the Hall of Shadows before he creates an army large enough to transform the mortals into werewolves. Is she strong enough to fight the gods or will they use her to conquer the world?

Tristan, the Angel of Fear, has learned how to survive by ignoring the terror inside of him and blindly walking through his day. Though he once wished his Master, Anjali, was dead, secretly he knows that she is the only one who can help him become the angel he was meant to be. Will he stand by her side against a dreaded enemy, or will he betray her in order to be free?

A chance meeting one night with a vengeful god turns Liam Leavitt’s world into a living nightmare. Now, there are two voices in his head: one is the woman he prays can save him from a terrible fate, and the other is the Wolf God who will do anything to bend Liam to his will. Can love protect him from becoming a helpless puppet, or will loving her lead to his demise?

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