paranormal romance book - water skippers by Jennifer Julie Miller

Water Skippers by Jennifer Julie Miller


Series: Water Skippers

Author: Jennifer Julie Miller

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Series Summary:

This is a modern day fairy tale. It has the best of every world, and every genre. We have of course Romance, adventure, magic, suspense, murder, mystery, but of course lots of Love.

Titles in the series:

paranormal romance book - water skippers by Jennifer Julie Miller
Water Skippers by Jennifer Julie Miller
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In her world, Eden was happy and content as the seasons passed slowly with her little dancers. Then a strange man came into her world making her question what she wanted more, eternity or a chance at love.

Kyle is searching for answers after a terrible secret is revealed following the death of his grandfather. These secrets lead Kyle to an unexpected paradise, where he finds his own angel, and now he wants something he doesn’t know if he can ever have.

Will Kyle’s love for Eden be enough to convince the Water Skipper’s to let her go? Or will the sacrifices and the painful injuries of the past. Destroy both of them, before their love has a chance?

paranormal romance book - A Dragonfly's Whisper (Water Skippers Book 2) by jennifer julie miller
A Dragonfly’s Whisper (Water Skippers Book 2) by Jennifer Julie Miller
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It was a whisper in a dream. Nora was running from her past. The loss of her first love has left her with a whole and consuming emptiness. Will she be brave enough to trust the dream that promises her something more? Can she be strong enough to take the hand of the man kneeling in front of her? Will her heart be brave enough to say yes?

Roman has chased Nora for years. One day he makes a decision. He needs her to choose either the past or a lifetime of him loving her. Will the risk he is getting ready to make, be worth the chance of losing her forever? With help, he has planned a surprise wedding, where he is going to pop the question.

Will she run, or will she give both of their dreams a chance?

Sometimes, the things you can’t see or touch make the biggest impact in your life. Do you believe?

paranormal romance book - Earth Shadow: Lorene (Water Skippers Book 3) by jennifer julie miller
Earth Shadow: Lorene (Water Skippers Book 3) by Jennifer Julie Miller
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He has been her Shadow for as long as she can remember. His constant presence in her mind has become her comfort and her terror. Will the dreams of his shattered life destroy her mind, and will his loss of control be the end of this haunting.

She has been his Star, his only light in the constant darkness. He has stood off to the side and watched her grow. She has become everything his tortured life never allowed him to have. Will she be strong enough to save them throughout TIME? Or will their last fall into the darkness destroy them both?

“This is part one, of the two part ending to the Water Skipper series. … Just where did our Lorene end up ??? And what happens to Shadow??? I promise there will be a HEA!!

paranormal romance book - shadow reborn by jennifer julie miller
Shadow Reborn (Water Skippers Book 4) by Jennifer Julie Miller
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Lorene awakens in a strange world. Time has misplaced her and the Shadows in her mind. The constant dreams of her youth have suddenly been made real with one step through time. Will she be brave enough to walk the path Mother Earth has offered her? Will the love she feels for him be enough to sustain his spirit through the constant darkness?

With a strike of vengeance, one man destroyed Garrett’s future causing his love for Lorene to be put to the test for the next century. He has almost let the darkness destroy him, but he holds tightly to his determination to finally walk in the light with her again. Can he control the rage building up inside him or will it destroy them both, leaving them trapped in Earth’s Shadow forever?

Will the Water Skippers be enough this time to make their dreams come true? Will the force of their final sacrifice deny the Shadows of Time and finally give Lorene and Garrett their Happily-Ever-After?

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