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Download your copy at Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo New Paranormal Romance Release: Tears of the Dragon: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Aries by Cara Wylde A myth twisted through the centuries, A prophecy that survived history, A cure no one dared to touch… She seeks the Golden Fleece… As a researcher and professor of Mythology and Folklore at Harvard University, Aileen Callas wants to do much more than tell her students some old, barely authentic stories. She wants to prove the myths are real. After all, one of these ancient myths saved her life as a child. A dark prophecy warns against prying. Undeterred, Aileen assembles a team of investigators and sets on a journey in pursuit of the truth. Cursed to guard an ancient treasure… Isolated in the mountains, bound to an old, powerful object, Drakon has lost all sense of time and space. He was waiting for something, but he can’t remember what. Or, was it someone? If only he could sleep for an hour, if only he could close his eyes and dream, maybe it would all come back to him: his true name, his mission, his humanity, the memory of her… Unaware of the danger, Aileen steps into the dragon’s cave. Lured by her beauty, Drakon can’t decide if he wants to turn her into dinner, or sweep her off her feet. He wants to eat her (in more ways than one), she wants to save him. But there are vile men on […]

New Paranormal Romance Release: Tears of the Dragon: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Aries by Cara Wylde

Paranormal Romance Author Cara Wylde
Today, we have an interview with paranormal romance author, Cara Wylde! Cara loves to write about strong, feisty women and their hot Alphas who will do anything to make them happy. Her books are filled with romance and just a dash of mystery, suspense, and that eerie atmosphere she fell in love with reading too many gothic novels. Some of her books includes the Alma Venus Shifter-Brides series, and Fairy Tales with a Shift series. Cara is currently working on two more series, Shift Your Fate (Book 3 is on the way), and Alma Venus Mail-Order Brides (Book 1 will be published in February). In this interview, we talk to Cara about her background, what led her to write, her life as a writer, and we also learn more about her multiple series and upcoming releases! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m a romance author who lives off coffee and mint vape juice (I know, I know… bad habits). I’ve always loved reading and writing, and ever since I was a kid, I knew this was what I was going to do with my life. I had no idea how, but I believed in my dream and, years later, self-publishing made it happen. I studied Literature and got a BA and an MA in Comparative Literature, then forgot about the PhD, decided I didn’t need it, and started writing and self-publishing. What else? Oh! I’m not a native English speaker. I was born in Romania and I still […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Cara Wylde

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Welcome to Day 24 of Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Festive Countdown! Today we’re featuring authors Aurora Woodlove & Cara Wylde! Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what new goodies we have in store for you! Janet and the Bear (Shifting Impulse book 3) by Aurora Woodlove Price: .99 cents Available: For Today Only! “Janet Parker, bartender at Shifting Impulse, wasn’t supposed to be at work that night. The last thing she needed was a scorching-hot shifter following her every move from a distance. Sean Spike, wildlife photographer , only intended to be in town for a weekend to attend his friend’s photography exhibition. He didn’t expect to find the woman who can awaken his bear with just her presence. Protecting their hearts from being shattered into million pieces again is high on their priority list, but is loneliness really a fair price to pay?” Alpha’s Feisty Mate (Arcane Affairs Agency Series) by Cara Wylde Price: Free! Available: For Today Only! Prize: $10 Amazon gift card! How To Enter: Sign up to Cara Wylde’s Newsletter. Click here to sign up. “Curvy Skye Watson is through with bad boys. She wants to meet a nice guy and have a serious, probably boring relationship. After three months of waiting for said nice guy, she can’t take it anymore. Out in the club with her sister, Nina, she sets eyes on Aiden Ashwood, the new hunk in town. He’s tall, bulky in all the right places, covered in Norse tats, and his whole […]

Festive Countdown Day 24 Featuring Aurora Woodlove & Cara Wylde!

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There are many reasons why being an author is one of the most awesome jobs in the world! Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorites: taking inspiration from the myths and legends I love, borrowing a couple of elements, and giving them new, exciting twists. And because I grew up with manga and anime, and I’ve always been fascinated by the Japanese folklore, of course I had to look into it and see what shapeshifters it had to offer. That’s how I learned about the kitsune and knew I had to write fox shifters, even though they’re not particularly popular in the genre.   Kitsune – Abilities and Classification Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. They are seen as intelligent beings whose abilities increase with their age and wisdom. Most myths say that they learn how to shift into men or women only after they have lived 100 years. That’s when they also start growing more tails, each additional tail showing increased wisdom and magical abilities. The more tails a kitsune has, the older, wiser, and more powerful it is. The maximum number of tails a kitsune can have is nine. Other supernatural abilities attributed to foxes are: possession, mouths or tails that generate fire or lightening, flight, invisibility. In Japanese folklore, foxes can be classified as follows: – Inari foxes, also called zenko foxes. These are good foxes, who protect and help humans. They are strongly connected to Inari Ōkami, which is the kami […]

Guest Post: Fox Shifters in Japanese Folklore and Mythology by Cara Wylde