Electra Gajdos

Author Electra Gajdos
One of my love is languages is the expressing affection through giving and receiving gifts, mainly surprises. For me, a surprise isn’t always something shiny in a box. It could be a picnic on the beach, a trip to the museum or an art fair, even a homemade card. How I see a surprise is, someone took the time to think about and sacrifice or applied their time and resources just for me. I get giddy and excited; an overwhelming sense of happiness flows through me with each surprise, and I feel cherished. In April 2015, my family was invited to attend a ball for the deactivation of my brother Shawn’s unit of the 4th BCT. Shawn died nine years ago in Iraq while serving in the army. It was at this event I had mention to my husband I was ready to start getting some of Shawn’s things out. When we got back from home, our hectic work, school, and sport schedule took over and I forgot all about getting into the storage where I had put away his uniform, all of his coins and medals to bring them out. This summer I received a gift in a shiny box, but the meaning behind the gift itself meant so much more to me than words could express. My wonderful and amazing husband remembered my words at the ball, and surprised me with a shadow box of Shawn’s medals, coins, and uniform. He took the time to dig through storage, […]

Guest Post: Sometimes a Surprise Can Express More Than Words Can Say by Electra Gajdos