J.K. Harper

new paranormal romance book - envy's kindness
Here are this week’s Featured New Releases! You can learn more about these Featured New Releases by subscribing to the Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Newsletter which also includes an excerpt from each Featured New Release title! Enjoy this excerpt from Envy’s Kindness: Blood, blood was everywhere. So many people, so much death. Sera could feel herself drowning in it—it sucked her down like quicksand, covering her face and eyes, and turning from red to black with sickness. The evil from all the murderers she had hunted spreading like gnarled fingers over her flesh. She was screaming, but when she opened her mouth, the blood and evil threatened to drown her, filling her lungs, pulling her down into the darkness. So many people she’d failed to save. If she had only tried harder, if she had let the darkness in. Maybe, maybe she could’ve found those evil souls quicker, saved more lives. If she had just accepted that darkness, things might have been different. “NO! Don’t ever think that, Sera.” A deep voice broke through her haze. The momentary clarity forced her head above the swamping blood. Who was that? No one could be in her mind, she couldn’t be with anyone; no one could help her. She kicked desperately against the thick torrent dragging her down into oblivion, a sob ripping from her chest. It was too late for her. She had been holding back the black inside her heart, and now it was free, the blood cascading over the dam. […]

Featured New Releases from R.A. Pollard and J.K. Harper!

J.K. Harper
Today we have an interview with J.K. Harper, author of such series as Black Mesa Wolves, Wicked Wolf Shifters (under the name Anna Craig), and the new Dragon Mates which launched recently with Dazzled: Reckless Desires. If you have any questions, or would like to leave a comment, for J.K. , please feel free to do so. We love author/reader interaction here! And remember, to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar to the right to receive first-hand news about special promotions and great deals in your inbox. Tell us a little about yourself. I “published” my first book when I was in the second grade and never looked back! It was for a classroom project featuring the deathless prose and finest crayon drawings of each kid in the class. My mom is still convinced I need to publish it for real and it will become a bestseller. Total mom love.   My early twenties were split between working with kids and the outdoors (summer camps, outdoor science school) and being an editor for a book publishing company, which was invaluable experience for a writer. I freelanced as an editor until just a few years ago, when I stopped editing for anyone else so I could spend more time on my own writing. Another freelance gig that was a great help for me as a writer was being a cover copywriter for Harlequin, which I did for years. I think I wrote the back cover copy for well over a hundred books. […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author J.K. Harper