Jayelle Morgan

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Hi guys, Jayelle here! My Elemental Warriors don’t bite, snarl, or shift, but while they may not be your normal paranormal, I’m here to tell you why you need these guys in your life. A Fire Elemental with a control problem seems like it could be…problematic, right? But there are advantages beyond being saved from the forces of Chaos, trust me. Top 10 Reasons You Need A Fire Elemental In Your Life 1. Firefighters are insanely hot. Firestarters are hotter. 2. You’ll never struggle to find a lighter or matches. Light the grill? Done. Pilot light goes out on the heater in the middle of winter? Done. Annoying ex show up at your house? Well done. 3. Wouldn’t it be nice if a liar’s pants actually caught on fire? …See Above. 4. Perfect burgers, every time. 5. He can burn your initials into a tree. So romantic, and no knives/blood/bandages necessary! (Or is that one just me? Yeah? Dang.) 6. That bod is smokin’ hot. In Levi’s case, literally. 7. You never have to worry about your coffee or tea getting cold again. Ever. You’re welcome. 8. Playing with fire has never been so much fun. Or so sexy. 9. He’s a panty-melter. Need I say more? 10. He’ll melt your heart, too. Your cold, hardened, depend-on-no-one heart. And you won’t regret it. <3 Many thanks to Jayelle for her guest post! And be sure to check out her new release, Burn: Elemental Hearts Book 1 available from Amazon! To […]

Guest Post: Top 10 Reasons You Need A Fire Elemental In Your Life by Jayelle Morgan